Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today most of the family was here for Father's Day. We had more food than we needed and it was all tasty. Michelle brought cookies and I snitched a bite--her cookies are the best. But it was a bite of sugar. I made brownie trifle and I snitched three bites. Sugar, sugar, sugar. I think it was worth it but listen to this--maybe it was not.

My sister quit sugar with me. The other day she went to a wedding reception and then to dinner and ate desserts at both places and it sent her into a depression. She even cried! This is a testimony for me to STAY OFF SUGAR if it can impact my sister in such a horrible way. I wonder what it does for me? No, not for me, against me. I wonder what it does for--or against--you?

Tomorrow my conference at BYU starts. Phil and I picked up the author I am assisting at the airport in Salt Lake City, Sally Warner. She writes three to four hours a day for at least six and sometimes seven days a week. Yes, I am impressed. She didn't start writing until she was forty and has 25 books published. I am even more impressed.

So, if you want to write get busy. Make the time. Learn the rules. Keep at it. Even if you are never published you will leave a rich heritage for your family.

Tomorrow and all week I will try to post some gem I have learned.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and thank you to Phil for making me a mother and for loving the children, worrying about the children and being impressed with the children who have given us such wonderful grandchildren and for the fact that they are teaching the grandchildren so well. Our children and grandchildren are our ticket into watching the future unfold in a magnificent way.


Colette Amelia said...

you are so right about those children. I have this thought about why there is a "worker shortage" well a worker shortage at the service young people looking for work anymore because there is so little young people. I think I would sell any shares in McDonalds.

And about that sugar yes it is the demon white death but I am hooked. I do try to choose more healthy ways of eating though and I do cut the sugar in recipes in half and today I am having herbal tea instead of coffee...for the tummy, I have to fix it before I blow up the house!

Good for you for all your willpower.

have fun at your conference!

Hansel Bergemeister said...

When is The Wisdom of Lynne going to print?

Catherine said...

Is your job is a kind of writer's agent? Or something like that.
Concerning children, you're right Lynne, what would have been our life without children? No way to imagine.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that your favorite child was present and trekked it down alllll the way from Salt Lake. :)

N7GMT said...

The reason she didn't mention that her favorite child trekked all the way down from Salt Lake is that her favorite child only lives in Pleasant Grove, and while it take a bit to schlep all those kids, her favorite child would never make noises about not being called out special. :o) {favorite child ducking thrown fruit and running away}