Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today was my birthday. Hooray for me. It was my niece's birthday, too. Hooray for her.

It was a lovely day. I had friends stop by to wish me well and bring me fun prizes, cards and treats--one is a chocolate treat and one was a darling peach cobbler kit so they will have to be tucked away for sometimes when I decide that I might eat some sugar. Phil looked longingly at the peach cobbler and said, "I'm not off sugar." Too bad for him, the cobbler is not being made without me having a bite.

This afternoon we went to Gilmore Girls and The Mighty Hunter's house for a family dinner. She fixed Shrimp fettuccini , which was fabulous. He grilled fresh--picked an hour before dinner--asparagus which was double fabulous. I will post the recipes one of these days on my cookbook site. She sent us home with a huge container of the fettuccini . I won't have to fix dinner tomorrow. Yum.

I am worn out with all the frivolities of the day so I will post a few pictures I have from last week when three of the grandkids were here. My grandchildren are my gratitude babies. I love them all so much.

Curly Sue and Mary Poppins. We actually had ONE DAY that was warm enough to play in the sprinklers.

Mary Poppins doing her singing Moose impersonation.

Tuesday, casually driving.

And if you don't want to drive then fill the
luggage compartment with water and sit in it.



Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Birthday to yoU!!!!!
It was a lovely 100 degrees here heat index 107... to flippin hot to breath to hot to play in the sprinklers if we had some... (got well water and its years into a drought so have to be careful)
looks like FUN was had by all!
Hugs Laura

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

And a Happy Happy birthday a day or so late to you! Hope it was wonderful with your family!

Astromom said...

Happy Birthday, I'm sorry I didn't know. Peach cobbler sounds like a great birthday treat, I'll have to suggest that sometime. Cute little granddaughters.

Alisa said...

Happy Birthday!
So glad you had a good day and yummy food by your darling daughter!

Catherine said...

Your grand-daughters are so cute and smiling. They make me dream of summer time!