Monday, June 2, 2008


Nurse Giggleswitch called tonight and we talked about her bike ride for MS and then she had me talk to Lord Bumhampton, who is too shy to ask for donations--for when he is doing a bike ride for MS. And since he is so shy he couldn't bring himself to ask me to donate so he changed the subject and had me go to Google Maps and gave me a tutorial.

I looked at Paris and am now looking at Hong Kong Island. I have no idea if Hong Kong Island is the same as plain old Hong Kong but did you know there is a Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island? Amazing. We have a Happy Valley right here in Utah. Of course, our Happy Valley isn't official, it is sort of a tongue in cheek title.

Lord Bumhampton and I both looked at New York City and we honed in on a parking garage and he got all steamed because cars were blocking other cars. Then we decided it must valet parking and he calmed down. I zoomed out and then back in on a random street and could read the names of businesses and even look at the garbage, waiting at the curb for collection. Of course i couldn't stop and go through the garbage, looking for treasures, but it's an interesting concept, how much will we be able to see in twenty years? Will we be able to see inside the garbage sacks? Will we be able to see the heat that humans and animals and sewers produce?

So, tonight, I have found another way to totally waste a bunch of time, of which I don't have any to waste because I am so busy doing important things, like planting more and more and yet more basil because my first batch died and everyone knows basil is the herb of the gods--and of us peasants too.

I also have to blog. Phil says I don't have to blog every night. He says I could blog once a week. Which just goes to show you that sometimes a man and woman, who have been married since forever, and know each other pretty well--have had kids together and shared things--like the flu and antihistamines--sometimes they just don't know the other person well enough to know that she does have to blog, even if she has a concussion or her leg has a bone sticking out of the skin and blood vessels are in danger of spilling over--well, not that any of those things are true, you understand, but, well, I have to blog. I don't know why.

And I love run-on sentences.

Lord Bumhampton says I should post pictures on my blog--well, ONE picture and no words, or at the most, very few words, so here is a picture for Lord Bumhampton and very few words. Well, here are some pictures for Lord Bumhampton with some words.

You can see New York City on Google Maps.

And Paris France, but you can not see Paris France from a window. Only from a satellite or a car. I think that would be a fun job, driving around all day with ten cameras on the roof of your car, especially if you could drive around Paris, France. Catherine can drive around Paris all she wants. Lucky Catherine. She doesn't even have to have ten cameras on top of her car because she LIVES THERE! I am not jealous. Not much. Okay, I am jealous but I'm in therapy for it.

This gives you a clue about my romance with Italy, thinking I would like to own an olive grove and make lovely olive oil to go with my basil, of which I have much. This does not have anything to do with the theme of this blog, which is nebulous anyway, but I just love this picture and wanted you to see it.

And just because I can, I am including a photo from "Lost," which has a double meaning. All the people on the Island are lost and every stinkin' viewer is lost each and every week, as we try to figure out why they introduce new players and then in two weeks kill them off. They flash back and flash forward and so help me, the new players, who are almost dead, probably have flash backs, too, who knows? Not me. Because I'm LOST half the time.

I'm going to bed now. Have a lovely day.

PS If you haven't done it yet, you really should plant some basil. Then you can make my Summer Pasta which is divine. I've told you this before but you weren't listening.


Catherine said...

I will comment later,Lynne. Kids are killing each others!

Catherine said...

Summer Pasta Salad! Only the name sounds good. I'm waiting for the Basils, Lynne! If I were you, I would tell every reader to use fresh basil in it. It has a so better savor than dried one. I must plant basil on my balcony! Each year I do it.
Thanks for making the detour by Paris. Don't be so envious, I would love to visit many places in your country! We're never satisfied by what we get, we dream to get more. And more. That's the dream.

Kathy said...

I am glad you aren't going to post only once weekly! I stop by daily to see what new pearls of wisdom you have to share. ;-)
I haven't planted basil yet. I need to plant an herb garden.

Mildred Bergemeister said...

Tell Phil that any day you don't post will be one more day when I cry.

Colette Amelia said... you are cooking with fire woman! And tell phil that your faithful concussed readers who have sore backs would rise up and riot...or just not have a smile and a laugh for the day.

Basil you say...hmmm perhappers a pot on the balcony? or maybe a pot on each balcony?

tearese said...

Oh, just ask me. I know everything in the world about Lost. I can clue you in. ;)
Joseph is growing basil too...did you know it is a natural insecticide? Just put some leaves in your flour and rice and stuff, then you won't get weevils or anything.