Saturday, June 14, 2008


This evening, as I was mixing artichoke dip ,I was watching one of those Hollywood shows. I don't know which one. They were reviewing the new movies. One movie, with a comedian was being reviewed and the movie scenes they showed and the interview was so smutty I changed channels as fast as my artichoke covered fingers could.

I felt creepy after watching that and so after putting the dip in the fridge--for tomorrow's Father's Day dinner--I went outside and sat on the lawn swings. Our darling neighbor had her entire family on her front lawn. I think were having a family reunion as they all had on matching navy blue shirts.

I sat quietly, reading one of Sally Warner's books--she's the author that I am assisting this coming week--not meaning to eavesdrop but how can you not? They were doing a talent show. First, all the grown up kids performed a funny song with funny costumes on. Then, one by one, and in some cases two or three at a time the grandchildren performed. The creepy feeling left as soon as the first song was sung. A comforting feeling settled around me. They are a righteous family, trying to live good lives

The same thing happened yesterday. Something happened that made me uneasy and I had a bad feeling. Phil and I were out running errands and we stopped at the new--or fairly new--Olivewood Book Store. It is dedicated to Church books and LDS art. As soon as I walked in the door a feeling of peace settled over me. I felt good there and it was hard to leave and go back into the real world. I wanted to sit in one of the cushy chairs and look at the artwork on the walls and read a book.

I surround myself with things of the world. I subscribe to only a couple of magazines but the content of some of them--or at least the ads--is often in poor taste. I need to read the Ensign more--it brings a feeling of peace.

I watch almost no TV, now that LOST is over for the season--but do have it on in the kitchen while I work. It's just mindless entertainment. In fact, when I am babbling--which I don't often do, I'm not a babbler--but sometimes, when Phil is extremely tired and I even talk he sees it as babbling and he says, "You sound like a talk show host." Talking, talking and not saying much of importance.

I need to read the scriptures more. Read more church books. Watch the Conference talks--which we have recorded--or read them in the May Ensign. I could read them online.

I need to take some positive action so that I don't have the creepies.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

so true... I turn the tv off more than its on and I try not to frequent any where that gives me the creeps.
HUGS Laura
Happy Fathers day!

tearese said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. I also need to take more action (like I used to) to keep those things at bay!