Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There's a new--four months old--restaurant in town: Tango house, serving Argentine food. The food is very good. The address is 1700 North State in Provo, Utah.

I don't remember the name of the little shopping mall, it's changed names a few times anyway but here are some of the stores practically next door. Weight Watchers.

Dallis Roberts.

Dollar General.

This is what Tango House looks like inside.

They have a projection TV that shows Argentine shows. I understood about four words.

This is Leo--his name is actually Leonardo. He and his lovely wife, which for some reason I did not photograph, own Tango House.

We started with some empanadas. They looked like this but we were so hungry we started to devour them before I took a photo... Don't tell but I snitched this photo from someone else's blog. this is what ours looked like, almost gone. This was the onion and cheese one. They were very yummy.

This is a photo of the food they serve. This serves ONE person. I know, it's hard to believe. The mashed potatoes were divine.


And more deliciousness.

Phil, who is NOT OFF sugar, ordered flan for dessert. I stopped being off sugar for 20 seconds and had one bite. It was heavenly. Then I climbed back on the "no sugar wagon," and grumbled and tried not to watch his face, which was disgustingly satisfied.

So, if you want a new place to eat, or if you have Argentine ties--maybe your son or daughter is serving a mission there--try Tango House.

They also host missionary reunions.

The food is good.

Leo is charming.

What more could you ask for?

Tell Leo I said, "Hello."


Pam's Place said...

Are they open for lunch?

Donna said...

Geez!! This all looks Wonderful!! I'm ready to eat Now!!!LOL...Happy night girl!!hughugs

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I absolutely am awe struck at the view behind the shopping center... Its BEAUTIFUL! the food looks good too and one stupid question since i have heard of it but never knew what it is ... what is Flan?
Hugs Laura

Catherine said...

It sounds like a torment; doesn't it? Tried a bite, then just looking at the rest.
Please discribe for Laura Peach what a flan is. In our country , it's a "creme caramel". In Spain it's also a traditional dessert. So sweet! As soon I you read it in the menu, order one, Laura. You won't regret it.
After that, drop by Weight Watchers?
Seriously, a couple of days ago; I watched a documentary that tells Americans at the restaurant wants more and more in their plate to be satisfied (comparing to some years ago). They show a hamburger containing 300 gr (about 0,600 pounds) of beef for one person!