Friday, June 27, 2008


It's my friend's birthday. What is she doing to celebrate? Tending her grandchildren. Not for a couple of hours but for three days! Holy Moley. Three days. She's..."a better man than I am, Gunga Din!" She and her husband are making an impact on those kids lives. Their grandchildren are going to grow up knowing exactly what their grandparents stand for. They will be better people because they have such dedicated grandparents in their lives. Happy Birthday, Pam--who never stops, never takes a day off from being a good example, from trying--and succeeding--to be a better person.

So, I'm taking stock of my what-am-I-trying-to-be life. And you know what? I'm not sure. Oh, now if you really ask me I can give you the answers. What I'm wondering is what does my day-to-day life show that I am trying to be. I think it's not a pretty answer.
  1. I must be trying to be a magician--I think I can pull dinner out of thin air.
  2. I must be trying to live on charity--if I wait long enough the laundry will get folded--by someone else.
  3. I must be conducting a scientific experinment--I'm trying to see what happens when I'm sleep deprived.
  4. I must be trying to be a mind reader--or letting other people have the privledge of reading my mind--I don't return phone calls/emails when I should. I mean to, time just gets away from me.
And because of number three I must not try to figure anything more out tonight. It will all be gibberish.

Happy Birthday, Pam who has it all figured out even though she is also operating under the influence of number three, AND is tending her grandchildren.


Muum said...

Good insights!

Pam's Place said...

You are too kind. I mean it, you are. I don't know another grandparent who would say no to having their grandchildren for a few days. Not one, you included. It may be sleep-depriving, but it's also eye-opening. How DO today's moms do this on a day in, day out, basis?!

Thank you for coming over to see me last night and bringing the fun, beautifully packaged birthday gift, tied up in colorful ribbon and made even loftier by an abundance of brightly colored helium balloons. (I have to hurry and hide those yummy caramels before someone else sees them!)

Thank you for being my friend, Lynne. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are -- thanks for being the quiet reminder of what a friend is.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me everyone but my mother does not love the grandchildren to sleep over. She is also very open about it. Boo hoo for me, her daughter and her most favorite grandchildren. I mean, my children are a pleasure and I just want her to experience the joy and sunshine of their little selves(very early in the morning.) She would like me to move home, she saids the children and the husband could come too. Isn't she weird? Bless her heart. I love you the most. yfc

Catherine said...

I wouldn't like to be a mind reader, nor that someone read in mine.
Not that I have awful secrets to hide, but I like knowing that my mind is the only thing that is completely personal that no one could enter without an invitation.
one can have an idea of people's mind, but it is just supposition!
And I would certainly deceived knowing what's in someone's mind. More often than satisfied, I guess.
One thing I know about you is that you perfectly know who is a friend.

Astromom said...

I've never thought to ask my parents to watch the kids for a few days, that is amazing, maybe for one night if I have a sibling who could help. Of course if I every make that trip to europe then I might have to call in all the favors.