Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is my friend, I call her Ella Enchanted. I talked about her on an earlier post. She is a young mother with three children. This is her youngest.

Our personal history group meets at Ella's house so she can put her baby down for a nap. Today her littlest angel woke up and came for a snuggle.

Then she went back to sleep while we talked and while the rest of us read our stories.
I wish I were a better photographer and could photograph feelings because the love this young mother has for her baby is tender. She is also fierce--she would fight tigers for this little person.

There is nothing like a mother--at any age. A mother with a baby is especially fun to watch, the tender brushing of the hair off her child's forehead, the gentle patting of the back, the kissing away of boo-boo hurts.

This young mother also writes like a dream. She writes a poem about her children every three months, chronicling their progress. The children growing up in this house are so very lucky.

And I am lucky that I was there to witness this beautiful scene and lucky to have Ella Enchanted for a friend.


tearese said...

Darn I wish I wrote poems about my kids every three months. Poetry was something I used to do but have long since abandoned. (Except for my Ode to My Pink Pencil on my blog a few months ago.)When I was younger, the New Era bought three of my poems. Woo hoo! THey published them several years later, and then I was embarassed because I was way too old to have stuff in the NE.
She looks like a nice person.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

beautiful pictures and wonderful way to honor the children!

Astromom said...

You really know how to make a person's day. Thank you.

g said...

This is the sweetest woman ever, I watch her with our children and I am amazed by her thoughtfulness, her kind heart and her strong and righteous desires.

She has decided to put raising a family as one of her most important goals in life, she lives with less so she can give more.

She is acquainted with suffering, fatigue, stress, and heartache, nearly on a daily basis. She will give to others over herself, she will help anyone, anytime she can, and she thinks little of it, she is generous, caring, considerate, and thankful.

She has more friends in more circles than I've ever known, and I've only heard kind words describing her. She is a beautiful and lovely woman.

Kathy said...

You did capture Mother's love and tenderness in your photos. Beautiful.