Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tonight was our Relief Society annual Enrichment Auction. Everyone donates something, it can be homemade food, gifts, services, etc. We give everybody a "credit card" with a hundred dollars on it.
Some of the clever services were babysitting, yard work, housework, a listening ear, brain gym, voice lessons, organ lessons and even a golf lesson.
First we had dinner,French dip sandwiches, watermelon, coleslaw and the best dessert on the planet which I forgot to photograph. When I track down the recipe I'll post it on my cookbook site. Then our auctioneer, my neighbor Boyd got into action. He is the funniest man alive and everyone laughed while he ran things "his way."
Every year he says he won't be the auctioneer but I bribe him with caramels and tell him as long as I'm the Enrichment Counselor in Relief Society he will be our auctioneer. Tonight he said he was campaigning for my release.
This is what I won, pumpernickel bread. It was warm when it came and smelled divine. The woman who donated it said it's good toasted and spread with cream cheese.
Baskets of breads.
There were lots of gift baskets and the was one of the more clever ones. It was called the "Rise and Shine" and had everything you could imagine for breakfast. Pancake mix, syrup, jam, oats, cereal, etc.
This one went for a hundred dollars. A lousy picture, although.
This was the sweetest Christmas topiary. The bidding for it was fast and furious.
Yummy apricot nectar and apple juice.
This basket of children's books went for the full hundred dollars.
The person who donated these dahlias has a garden full of them. It looks like a fairyland there.
This is one of the items I donated. A basket with strawberry and raspberry freezer jam, Savory Italian Tomatoes and caramels. The other thing I donated I forgot to take a photo of--it was two boxes of caramels. It went to a new woman in our ward who is moving from Texas and her husband is still in Texas, trying to sell their house. I hope the hurricane didn't cause havoc.
Two fleece blankets with matching Teddy Bears.
Homemade hot fudge sauce. It was still warm.
This was filled with yummy soaps and cosmetics.
This wall hanging also went for the full hundred. The woman who bought it collects 12 day of Christmas items and so was delighted. There were quite a few people who donated home canned items. Jams and chili sauce and one clever woman donated a canned jar of cake! I'm sure it tells how to do it on the Internet and I'm going to do a search and see how. She says it keeps a year. When you are dying for a piece of cake but don't want to make a whole one you could just open a jar and there is cake--enough for two.

It was a great evening. Good food, good company, good friends--sixty-six of them--and lots and lots of laughs. Can't wait to do it again next year.


Tierney said...

It looks like delightful fun! Even I could be talked into going to such a delightful Relief Society activity. I think you made a very wise investment getting the bread. Did you toast it and have it with cream cheese? To heck with diets, you would merely be following instructions. I would totally want the Lynne basket, and the caramels, or the hot fudge sauce. Such fun!


Colette Amelia said...

sounds like a great evening what the does the money go for relieving? It is such a nice way to help others and meet your community and have fun and bring home great things!

There is a fundraiser here for spinal research (Rick Hansen man in Motion) and I have to see if they want some art cards by you know who. We won't go to it though, too rich for our blood. Tickets over $100!

We are still trying to save money by not hooking up the cable tv and just watching movies from the library...home renos are getting too expensive.

Shawn said...

So, were these service dollars or real dollars? Our Relief Society did it with service dollars, so everyone put something in that was a service to someone...

Looked sooooo yummy, though! I REALLY wish that I had all the food there----I am hungry just reading about it!! :)