Sunday, September 21, 2008


This is Cricket. He is a wonderful dog, very well trained, friendly, and never leaves the yard unless with his owner, He sat on my lap, yesterday, to be pampered.
And this is Cricket and Zoey. Zoey is a four-month-old puppy and very untrained, undisciplined and doesn't seem to be bonding with her owner, who is an older lady who has lost her husband and really needs a friend. Zoey is not a friend, she is an escape artist, intent only on her own agenda.
Zoey was put into a pen so we could see how quickly she escapes, which was so fast I only got one picture. She climbs up the wire until she is over the top and out.

Cricket is very perplexed. Why would anyone want to cage the puppy? Because the puppy is annoying, that's why. Everyone knows it but the owner, who wants to see the best in her fluffy mop-dog.

And that is like parents too. We want to see the best in our kids and so we only see the good things. Our parents did the same and then we stepped up to the mark and became better people. But, when we were little there was much training and teaching. The same for our kids. But Zoey is not getting any training or discipline. I don't see her becoming a good doggie anytime soon. I hope I am wrong. Her owner deserves better.


Kathy said...

I see this way too often in my line of work. Next step is cute little fluffy dog biting little old lady owner whenever she doesn't get her way. It really is very sad. Is there a neighbor or relative who can volunteer to take Zoey to puupy obedience classes? That may help. Then the owner can be shown the 'homework' Zoey needs before the next week's class.

Colette Amelia said...

Well sometimes obedience school doesn't even friend Lily's dog has been twice and still is the same. I have found that sometimes it is just a matter of time...and they settle down and get a brain.

Just like that for some people too...but I don't know how long it is going to take my brother...maybe into his next life.