Saturday, September 6, 2008


The Gamer wanted to go to Build a Bear for his birthday gift. His family watched "Eight Below" last night and so he stood in front of the "Husky" bin for a long time. His little brother got the Husky dog for his birthday less than a month ago so it was hard for The Gamer to get the same dog, but finally the longing won and he chose the Husky.

Good choice, I think.

Then it was time to stuff......and fluff......and decide whether the dog wanted clothes or a bed, etc. The Soap Queen buys all the do-dads and she gave him the choice. He choose the bed, a bowl and a baby dog which hangs from the Daddy dog's mouth. Good choice. What self respecting dog wants to wear pants?Then it was time to give him a name...which I have forgotten. The baby dog's name is Max.Mom watches as he types in all the information.Smiley thinks it's pretty fun, coming to Build a Bear. He always gets to come."When will it be my turn?" he seems to be saying.On the way out of the mall we walked through Deseret Book and a sales girl said, "You may not take photos in this store."

What a fat head. Oh, excuse me, I mean, what a diligent sales person, making sure I followed the letter of the law. I tried to joke around with her but she was not having any of that. She did not waste any charm on me, either. I should write to Sherri Dew and tell her that she has succeeded in hiring sales people with zero percent charm and ninety-five percent gestapo tendencies. Or maybe the sales girl's boyfriend dumped her and she couldn't stand to be civil. Can't say I blame the boyfriend. Oh, did I say that? Sorry. A little I've-been-told-off-by-a-snippy-sales-girl cattiness. So I smiled at her and put the camera away.Happy Birthday, darling ten-year-old Gamer. You made a good choice. I love your dog and baby Max too. But most of all I love you and so does Grandpa. We love you very much. Happy. happy birthday. And many more.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Birthday Gamer I loved that movie too and Love your choice!

Colette Amelia said...

as usual me heart got warm reading your blog and the sales girl needs to read the quote about regrets and being kind I need to be nasty and I want to know just how could she with all you guys and your cuteness?

Tierney said...

You... Just like you to try to be stealing Deseret Book's secrets. You look like a spy, you know. You look like one because you don't; see what I'm saying? And then you hire all those poor people to participate with you. Will you hire me too, if it involves going to Build-a-Bear? Is Azzy old enough for me to take to BAB yet? I can not wait!!!