Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last night was the Women's Conference for the LDS Church. I went with Gilmore Girl to our Stake Center where we watched the broadcast. It was really nice. I wrote--in the dark--some of what I heard President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's say about creating and a bit of other stuff: Everyone can create. You don't have to have money or influence to create. To create is one of the yearnings of the human soul. You are spirit daughters of the most creative being in the Universe. Your spirit body is a masterpiece. Don't let the fear of failure discourage you. The more you rely on the Spirit the better you will be able to create. Be compassionate--lift up the hands that hang down. Those who bring sunshine to other's cannot keep it from themselves. Happiness is your heritage!

After the broadcast we met The Soap Queen at the Outback Steakhouse and I have one thing to say about the bloomin' onion, which I see on their website, is cut by a dedicated bloomologist. If you ever tire of your career you could take bloomology and become dedicated. The one thing I had to say was there is enough grease on that onion to slick up a cat so she could slip through a mouse hole. Who knows what it does to a human being's innards. It can't be good.


This is our Relief Society Bulletin.

It's usually only two pages but today it was four. I was supposed to print the bulletin and take it to church and give it to the librarian to make a copy for each sister. The problem is I couldn't open the file when Mary Jo sent it to me. She promised to send it in another form but it never came and then...taa daa...I forgot about it until after Sacrament meeting today.

I panicked and found Mary Jo, who is the nursery leader. "You've got to go home and resend it to me so I can print it off." We snagged the first woman who walked in the door and told her to watch the kids, give them a lesson and snacks and we flew. Well, we started to fly and then realized neither of us had a car at church. We grabbed the first woman we saw in the hall and she drove us to Mary Jo's house. Mary Jo sent me the attachment and then we flew to my house in Mary Jo's truck and when I way "flew" I mean flew. That girl drives!

But, my email program didn't have her email yet. It had to go all of six blocks. I guess it went by way of China, where they added something that causes kidney stones. I pushed "send and receive" twenty-'leven times. Still no email. Luckily she had her thumb drive and that worked. We printed it off and on the way out the door I slammed my skirt in door! After we freed me we flew again--really we did. I hung on like my life depended on it. We screeched into the parking lot at 2:40 and I got the bulletin to the library on time.

When I got home after church I checked email and her email and attachment came at 2:46. China had indeed added something but I didn't breathe or drink and I think I'm all right. Hack. Cough. Sputter.

Then we went to Guitar Hero's house to take his birthday present--a sketch book, mechanical pencils, erasers, colored pencils that are erasable and other artish doo dads.

He is thirteen now.
Can you tell he's thirteen? Every time I tried to take his picture he made a face. Yes, he's a teenager, now.

Happy Birthday, dear teenage, Guitar Hero. We love you very much. Come over and see us any time because you-know-who lives right next door and she thinks you are pretty cute. We do too, even with that ice-cream-tongue-syndrome you seem to have.

Stay clean, be good, and be happy. And know that you are loved!


Then we came home and we got thirteen bags of caramels ready for the students who had birthdays in September in the BYU 20th ward so the Bishop could hand them out at Ward Prayer. Yes, I volunteered to do this. I will have to make about a thousand three-hundred caramels for the school year. Sometimes my volunteerism gets out of hand.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sabbath and that it resembled the day of rest better than mine did.

But it's all good. It's always all good.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy 13th birthday dude! you have BEAUTIFUL EYES! look out those teen gals will be chasing you !

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Well, I'm totally jealous of your visit to Outback.. We had ice cream sandwiches with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry at the Stake Center after the broadcast.. and thankfully they were Skinny Cows.. Then we had been told it was fast Sunday, as had severals in our ward, but it turned out that it WAS NOT! We "got" to fast for nothing.. (not really) but it wasn't fun going Fasting, when Everone Else wasn't! And, I'm released as Nursery leader... I'll miss my little kids... Sniff.

tearese said...

I do the ward bulletin/program in my ward...I swear, those announcements are out of control!! They multiply every week, because everyone and their grandma wants their announcement in there. Plus the leadership wants the lessons and the birthdays and the phone numbers and the missionaries. Its way too much for one sheet of paper.

tearese said...

oh, and yes, the broadcast was awesome.