Friday, September 5, 2008


A friend of mine, Superwoman, showed me this house yesterday. I think it's charming--I wanted you to see that charming houses are still being built in America.

Superwoman does it all, by the way, she writes like a maniac--a good maniac. She quilts. She knows who designs what fabrics--that is unbelievable. She has two sweet boys. Her photographer husband is funny and charming, like this house, although maybe the house isn't all that funny. Superwoman never stops. Her house always has a new floor, a new wall color, a new interesting doo-dad. She serves gourmet food to friends who stop by to discuss books. She is always changing, learning, growing. She knows a little bit about everything, and a lot about more things that I even know a little bit about. That's why she's Superwoman.

This lovely window box was just around the corner.
And since we're speaking of charming, I think this little pocket garden is charming. As is this one.
And this one too.
And another little house that has a charming fence, all clean and tidy.
This house didn't photograph as well as it looked when I drove by. A neighbor followed me for blocks and blocks, around corners and onto new roads, probably taking down my license plate number in case I was casing the joint. She drove up next to me at a stoplight and I looked over at her, prepared to give her my most innocent smile but when I looked her way she pretended the road in front of her was fascinating and wouldn't look at me. She wasn't even on her cell phone. My best innocent smile, wasted.This garden looked wild but I think it was carefully tended. And then, right around the corner I saw this:I think I will send this person a nice little note, suggesting that a trumpet vine would be a great addition to his back yard sculpture--also known as Backyardmonstrosity.

Don't you think that is a dandy idea?

I always say I'm going to send a little note and then I never do so if someone sends you a little note it was not from me. Unless it was a kind note, and then I'll take the credit.


Soaper Mom said...

I think Trent would really appreciate the scope of this picture. And I've told him he could put up a big antenna just as long as I can put something that climbs on it ;-)

Tierney said...

I especially like the green house. It is darling. There are not too many darling houses here in Southern California, which is not so big on charm. But I found a lovely home in Ohio today on-line in case we move there next, which we might, in three years! Can you tell I want to move?! Do you think they may hold the house for me?



Shawn said...

WE have oh, sooooo many charming historical houses here in New England!

You have given me an idea to share some of them someday. But in this day and age, I am surprised that you didn't soon have a policeman following you around!

I think that it will be a true adventure...trying to snap some shots around here...I'll let you know how it goes...

By the by---I try to be superwoman, but I get too tired----so I just end up detesting superwomen around me...

Michael Rawluk said...

Maybe you should become Superburglar. No-one suspects the grannie driving around casing the joint. After you pull the job and the cops stop you looking for the bad-guys they will just wave you on with your carload of stolen chairs.

tearese said...

Seattle had oodles of charming houses. As does Logan. When we were younger, when we had family visiting (or we visited relatives) it was a tradition to go out driving just to look at the houses and say which ones we liked the best. I love houses with river stones on them.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I would love the first house.. I love that style! They don't make many of those in AZ.. it just doesn't work here, for some reason. All we get is stucco, stucco, stucco. Yuccco!