Monday, September 1, 2008


1. A young man from a Podunk town in Oregon who is scared to death, but has come to Provo to go to BYU anyway. I hope he does well.

2. Going to the movies--Kung Fu Panda today--with some of my excellent grandkids. Very cute movie and very cute kids.

3. Remembering that Gilmore Girl used to call our Oriental acupuncturist Kung Pao Chicken.

4. Having a story already written for my personal history group and not having to stay up late writing.

5. Having email friends. One is on the run for stealing two steak knives thirty years ago when he was just a young sprout--I've vowed I don't know him but I don't know...if I'm put under the lights I may fess up. Another email friend decided instead of thinking of all the things she wants to change she will think of some things that are excellent as they are. She is the inspiration for this post. Still another email friend sends encouraging words--even from where the deer and the antelope play. She would know that because she's been on the range and everywhere else that her husband, Columbus can drive. And my erratic emailing daughter, Gilmore Girl who will not write a blog and only sends me pithy one-liner emails and I have to call her a Cheeky Monkey. There's a lot of that Cheeky Monkey-ness going around this week, it seems. And last, but not least, a funny friend from the land up north who walked into a pole one day and has never been the same, which is all right by me because she is funny and optimistic and hard working and did I mention funny?

6. Having a husband who eats forty-'leven times a day and stays at his pre-marriage weight. It gives me someone to grumble about and, as we all know, everyone feels better after a good grumble. Thank you Honey for the reason I feel better forty-'leven times a day, multiplied by 365 plus one for leap year.

7. Sleep.

8. Cold weather today, but only if it gets hot again tomorrow.

9. Rain.

10. Toenail polish, which will soon be covered up with socks but it will be there, all winter, anyway. And fingernail polish too, which I am wearing every day for a month until I get sick of having to re-do my nails every two days.

That's it for today. Ten excellent things that I don't need to worry about trying to change.


Shawn said...

I have to add skin care products and makeup, cause without them---I am SCARY!!

I love this time of year---my favorite---fall weather, leaves changing and all that---its somehow so magnificent, yet still so very soothing...

And don't you just LOVE sleep? I simply MUST write a blog someday about some of my dreams---intense stuff! :)

Michael Rawluk said...

I am now in Venice on the run. INTERPOL is on my trail but my disguise as a Incan Priest is working so far.
The steak knives are for self defence only.

Colette Amelia said...

And I am now sporting new head gear...a helmet because my noggin just can't help getting in the way.

You are definitely on my top 10 list Lynne!

tearese said...

I got my first nail polish as an adult at our reunion the last week in July, when they gave all the girls a bag of goodies. I've only used it once so far, so that I could put some on my daughter, and my toenails.
Its still mostly on my toenails, because I don't own nail polish remover, and keep forgetting to buy it. Good thing I didn't put it on my fingernails.
Can you tell I've never been much into the girly things?