Friday, August 15, 2008


Do you have trouble sticking on a diet? Are you always opening the freezer for just one spoonful of ice cream or to see if the last Doves ice cream bar is still where you hid it behind the chopped broccoli?
Well, my friend has found the answer. Simply put a large object, in this case a honeydew melon......on top of the freezer, right in the crack where the door meets the freezer and when you open the door to sneak a tasty treat you will get a melon on the head. You will not soon forget this handy diet aid.

The next time you try to sneak in the freezer, you, like Pavlov's dogs, will drool and then you will remember the conk on the head and you will leave the freezer door closed and go away and dust something or file something or watch the Olympics.

Success will be yours.

My friend is so clever. She should patent the idea.


Shawn said...

Great idea, but what do you do if you have your freezer on the bottom?

I'm confused and still hungry...

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Shawn, you have a dilemma. I suggest you rig up a bag of ice on a spring. Slide open the door...whamo. Would that work, do you think?

Michael Rawluk said...

A melon on the melon. What a great idea.