Sunday, August 24, 2008


Do bees come in the window at your church? They did in the church in the town were I grew up. My Grandfather was the bishop when the church was built. He was in on the planning and I think, actual building. The church house was beautiful. Ask me if I'm bitter about IT BEING TORN DOWN WHEN THE NEW CHURCH HOUSE WAS BUILT? No, you probably shouldn't ask.

On warm summer days all the windows would be wide open. The theory was that refreshing breezes would blow in. Instead, bees wandered in. Bee's it seems, work on the Sabbath. A bee would lazily circle the audience, searching for the elusive flower smell that brought the bee inside in the first place. Was it the woman with the discrete dab of "Evening in Paris" behind her ears? Perhaps the enticement was from the woman wearing "Shalimar" or some other little perfume with the words: Eau De Toilette added to the box. (That always sent us into hysterical laughter, almost as good as knowing one of the planets was called Uranus.) The little bee never could find the flowers so, after circling the audience a few times, it lazily flew out a different window. It wanted to give all the window-sitters equal opportunity.

Today's air conditioning leaves the opportunity for the flower seeking bee little choice but to follow the smell of "Gucci Envy Me," which smells like peonies and pomegranate, or "Bulgaria Blu Notte," which has the scent of dark chocolate, as far at the church door and that's it. Shut out! No bee's allowed.

Perhaps this is progress and perhaps it is not. None of the children I know have ever tracked the progress of a bee by watching all the swaying and ducking of the audience members. It was such fun. Okay, it was hot back then too, with the windows wide open and no air conditioning, but that's what made church going part of the sacrifice. God loves those who are hot and come to church anyway. Of course that's only my opinion, but still. If I were in charge I would definitely give points to sweaty church members.

And God loves the bees. He wanted to share them with us, I'm pretty sure. He's generous, that way.

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Michael Rawluk said...

Bees are the life stream of Mother Earth. Without bees the world is going to be in for mass extinction. The occasional sting or irritation is worth it if they stay around.