Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Tuesday has turned three years old.
She said she wanted a a bear for her birthday. But she chose a rabbit. "I don't like this one any more," she said after it was stuffed and had clothes. "I want a different one." Tuesday's mother, Gilmore Girl said--perhaps through gritted teeth--"This is the one you chose and this is the one you're going home with."We must scour all the shelves for possible expensive stuff for the rabbit, whose name is Sally.
Curly Sue helped her look high. Thank you, sister, for helping me find all the best stuff.
Now I'm so tired I can hardly walk.

But Mom made me carry my own Bear-box, so I drug it through Gymboree, where Curly Sue said, "Do these fit?"
And then she said, "Lookit this," and almost came out of her shoes with her looking.Tuesday had to drag Sally in her box through the parking lot and then...
...it was so big she couldn't even see. But that doesn't stop her. The goal? The same as all little girls everywhere, get this rabbit undressed.
She finally got Sally out of the box but had to rest for a minute and then...some serious undressing. What a fine shopping day for Sally the rabbit.Curly Sue thinks its funny that Tuesday undresses the rabbit. But she did the same things. All little girls do, no matter if its a rabbit or a doll. The clothes must come off.

As soon as Grandma got home her youngest boy, Lord Bumhampton came with his lovely wife, Nurse Giggleswitch.
They, of course, never t ravel alone.
They bring Arnoldand Gordon. Phil likes to have lengthy conversations with Gordon.
Just as they were getting ready to leave more family showed up.
This is Guitar Hero, Joe Cool and Phil.
Hollywood, striking a pose.
Her sister, Mary Poppins, also striking a pose.
Their Mom, Yoga Princess.
The girls are showing off their school clothes.
Mary Poppins was giving Joe Cool rabbit ears but she didn't quite make it fast enough,
Guitar Hero, doing some serious lounging.

It was a good day. Lots of activities and lots of family, which, after all is the most important thing of all. Family.


Tierney said...

I can't wait until I am old enough to go to Build-A-Bear...Err, I mean, I can't wait until ASTRID is old enough to go. I think she very, VERY much will want to go! Maybe her mom will want a bear or a bunny, too.

I admire how your home is such a gathering place for loved ones. I remember visiting you once, and I think there were about 43 little kiddies in your downstairs room, and I wondered how you dealt with it! But I guess when you love each one of them very, very much, it's a wonderful thing!



Mildred said...

What a great looking family.