Thursday, August 21, 2008


Why is this? When I hear that other people are having problems such as loss of job, worries, problems with ill health or worries over their children or other family members I become depressed. I worry and fret and wring my hands.

Tonight I got a phone call. The person on the other end told me about problem after problem and by the time I hung up I was so low I could have won a limbo contest.

This person didn't even like Mamma Mia--they saw the bad language and the refrences to past sins and walked out of the movie in protest. I loved the movie. I saw all the funny parts, the love this woman had for her daughter, the love the daughter had for her mom. Now, this phone call has ruined the movie for me. I should have seen all the bad parts, maybe. Am I too nieve? Am I wrong to gloss over the bad parts and focus on the tender, loving parts? And the funny parts, well, maybe the phone call just can't ruin it after all. I will go again and see the funny parts and the loving parts and not listen to the bad words. But then again, am I supporting a movie that should have had higher standards? Should I have walked out in a huff?

Phil can't understand why I allow other people's opinions and their problems to affect me.

"Can you do anything about it?" he asked.

"No," I said.

"Then why do you let it bother you?"

"I don't know, it just does."

Does anyone have an answer for this? Some trick that will relieve me of this unnecessary, depressing worry?

A couple of months ago one of the women who writes a blog I check on started on her history. I really admire this woman but I couldn't read it. She lived through it, and is still fine and perking but I couldn't read the trials she had gone through. I became so depressed. What's the matter with me?

A few days ago Phil read an article out of the newspaper out loud to me. It was about how the Chinese have been so underhanded with so many areas of the Olympics, starting with the little girl that was going to sing in the Opening Exercises but because of her poor teeth they brought in a "pretty child" who just mouthed the words that the other girl sang. It took much of the joy out of watching the Olympics. Every Chinese participant I see I wonder, what did you have to give up to be here? Your family? Your freedom to choose whether you wanted to do this or not? Did you have to wear adult diapers to practice the Opening Exercises because no one gave you bathroom time? Did you loose ten pounds because no one fed you or gave you any thing to drink and you didn't get to sleep for two days? What is the matter with people that the image is more important than the people?

And then, when the age of the Chinese girl gymnasts became suspicious I wondered why this is so important that lying and cheating has to be involved. The whole world is involved in lying and cheating. Don't we remember who we are? Doesn't any of our divine heritage shine in us? And because I like Mamma Mia maybe my divine heritage is being stomped to dust too.

I won't even start on politics. I'll just say if I see either candidate on TV I click the mute button. Their accusations, their slander and ridicule sickens me. At times I feel like I'd rather be led by a chicken. Or a goat, maybe.

Other than living in a cave, which, obviously I can't do, what do you suggest? Does anyone else deal with this? And if you do and have conquered the blues and the sadness please tell me how.

I realize this blog has wandered all over the place. I'm sorry I couldn't stick to one subject and be succinct. I just had to talk all this stuff out. I should have written it out in longhand, it would have dissipated easier that way.

I'm okay now, don't worry about me. Our neighbors came over. They laughed and joked and we talked for over a half hour and then I got a hug from the Mom part of this couple and I felt better.

My angels sent them, I'm sure of it. If they hadn't I would have called someone I secretly call my "All is Well," friend. She always knows what to say to make me fell better. I hope you have both. An "All is Well" friend and loving angels who are watching over you. Well, I know you have the latter, you just might not realize it.


Tierney said...

Wow, Lynne, I can very much relate to what you had to say this evening. First of all, take DELIGHT in your enjoyment of Mamma Mia. Your pleasure in this movie does not stomple your divine heritage in the dust. Hooray for you that you can see past a few naughty words and references to sin and get the fun out of the movie and the message that is at the heart of it. Life is not much fun if everything has to be pristine.

As for politics, yes, I would vote for the goat if I voted at all. I think the world is depressing, and I cannot bring myself to participate in politics. How does one choose between crap and poop?? I can't watch news. It breaks my little heart. I would rather read a book.

And like my husband says, the important part of a game is enjoying it, not who wins. I guess my husband should have a chit-chat with some of those naughty Olympian supervisors. Too bad they take all of the fun out of things.

Your blog does not cure my insomnia, but it does entertain me during it.



Colette Amelia said...

Well I think this is how the world is and how it always has been. There are problems and there is greed and there is insecurity and there is lies.

My gosh Lynne I didn't know you knew my mother? She sucks the life out of me when she phones too...sometimes when I really can't handle it I just hold the phone away from my ear...and sometimes I take the portable phone to the front door and ring the doorbell so I can say "someone is here I got to go"

What I really find peaceful and healing is going for a walk surrounded by the beauty of the earth...a waterfall, a river, a forest...fills me with wonder and then everything is ok.

Take care and you all those marvelous grandchildren that work better than prozak as well to see the miracle of creation and goodness.

tearese said...

I took a girl to see Mama Mia for my visiting teaching, because she'd been depressed. I loved it, but every time I glanced over during the funny parts, she would only smile faintly, and I think it was for my benefit. I felt guilty for liking the funny bits, and later she too pointed out all the things that were horrible about the movie. I pretended I didn't like it that much. But I did.

Shawn said...

Don't feel guilty about enjoying the good bits! We each need that once in a while...

I am having a rough time right now, financially, and I sometimes feel that I don't want to wake up each day. Sometimes, I hurt with the worry. But I try to find small things to make me smile. I think that is what keeps me going...that and knowing that this, too, will change someday---we hope, for the better!!

Thanks for sharing your feelings...

Karen Deborah said...

Since when is seeing the good a fault? I haven't seen the movie but if i like a movie I don't really care what anybody else thinks. Your husband is right.
My mama said that "should-bees don't give any honey" neither do oughta-bees. Legalism destroys.
Whatever is lovely,...think on these things.
Don't be so hard on yourself.

Lisbeth said...

As we were growing up, my dad used to say "Is this (insert current quandary/problem/dilemma) going to bother you... tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In ten years? If not then don't let it steal your today." I used to have to make conscious efforts to think that way... But after a while it becomes a habit. A really pleasant habit.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Thank you, dear friends for the words of comfort and love. I have read all your comments several times and am amazed at the depth of your understanding. I am taking all the advice--and am NOT taking any of the people I visit teach to the movie. Ha ha, that was so funny but you know what? The friend who called and took me IS one of the women I visit teach. Sorry, Tearese.

Thank you, each of you for taking the time to write. I enjoyed every word and I felt I could almost see you, holding my hand and making me feel better.