Monday, August 4, 2008


My J-Dawg partner in crime, Pam, and I sneaked away today to grab a quick lunch. The problem began when, Dawgs in hand, we were locked out of my car. The keys were in plain sight. What we needed was an octopus-lending business to deliver an octopus to us as the windows were down an inch but there was no way either of us could slither through.

Should I call Phil, who didn't know we were J-Dawging without him? We tried other people first--friends who would only be mildly annoyed we didn't pile them in the car and take them with us. Sadly, no one was home so the faithful--and Dawgless--husband came and rescued us.

I brought him a carton of ice cream from the Health Food store. I presented it to him with hat in hand. Well, if I wore a hat I would have held it in my hand.

I don't know about Phil but I'd rather have had a Dawg.

PS Sadly, a J-Dawg eaten when you have done a stupid thing does not have the immense enjoyment that a J-Dawg on an un-stupid day.

Pam, we will have to do a Dawg rerun.


Michael Rawluk said...

Email a J-Dawg to me. We don't have them here in the far north.

Lucy said...

You my Mormon friend are one funny girl!!!