Friday, August 15, 2008


It's Lord Bumhampton's birthday this month. He and Nurse Giggleswich really like the comic, Brian Regan. When ever they are here they sit side by side and watch "You Tube" clips of Regan and laugh at things like his his Dora-the-explorah, routine or the Greeting Cards one. Their laughter makes me laugh and pretty soon we are all scrunched together on the couch, watching and laughing.

I love those times. They are the stuff that makes all the dreary winter days or the hot, sweltering summer days worth the wait until they come again. So when Phil and I saw that Brian Regan was coming to Thanksgiving Point we bought tickets for them as his birthday gift.

Our tickets were for last night.
The weather was perfect. The 65 foot waterfall was turned off. How about that, being able to turn off a 65 foot waterfall?
There were a few interesting characters there. One, a grown man in an orange, crushed velvet cape--I kid you not--full length. One woman wore white short, shorts that were--ahem--kind of see through. She wore nothing underneath. That's more information than you wanted to know, I know. Sorry. It was more than I wanted to see, too. But most of the people were normal, there were a lot of them. We sat behind the sidewalk so we could see the whole parade of interesting people before the show started. I sat in Lord Bumhanpton's chair so Nurse Giggleswitch could coach me on Sudoku.
She does the puzzles in pen. I have to erase because I kept saying, "Oh, no. I have two three's." I said that a lot. I also said, "Oh, no. I have two fours."
She is the champion. She is focused.

I am not. I have unfocusness syndrome. I'm pretty sure of it. Maybe you too have a problem but couldn't quite put your finger on what it is. Now you can give it a name: Unfocusness. I'm happy to help you out with this diagnosis for absolutely no charge.
While Nurse Giggleswich taught me the finer points of Sudoku Lord Bumhampton and Phil discussed world events. Actually I don't know what they discussed. It could have been snacks for all I know.
Here are our kids, being focused on the pre-show.

Which seems a million miles away but the sound was fantastic and we didn't mind. Being on the fringes also gave us the opportunity to make a quick getaway after the show was over. But we got off track, following a bunch of people who also made a quick getaway and we had to walk through a hedge, but don't tell anyone, okay? We might be arrested for hedge violation.

Here I am suffering from bad hair and Phil is suffering from short-chair syndrome.

The show was very funny and sitting outdoors was wonderful. Brian Regan will have a one hour special on Comedy Central this fall and is making his 20th appearance on David Letterman. One good part, well, apart from his insane funniness, is that his jokes are clean.

After the show we played Sudoku in the car, waiting our turn to get out of the parking lot--that was a 45 minute walk away form the venue. Not really, it just seemed like it.

While we were waiting we were behind a car with two people in love. How could we tell? They used the time wisely, kissing. The show was almost as good as Brian Regan's. We all remembered those days and then we sighed and went back to our Sudoku puzzles. I said, "Oh, no. I have two fives."

We got home late and everyone ended up in the kitchen looking for snacks and then off to bed but not for very long, for the kids. They had to get up at 3:00 so Nurse Giggleswich could drop Lord Bumhampton at the airport for an early flight. They were here almost exactly twelve hours. I wanted to wake up when they left so I could yell goodbye and throw kisses from the window but, alas, I slept through their departure. I'm blaming it on my unfocusness--sleeping when I should have been letting the kids know I already missed them.


Cindy said...

LOL, thank you so much for the diagnosis. Now I would like to know about the cure, can you help with that too???

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I have not heard of Brian Regan, I shall have to keep an ear out for him!

N7GMT said...

How is it that I am the only person that didn't know Brian Regan was coming to town?!