Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today I went to lunch with two characters. I will call them Child Bride and Skinny Pants. Child Bride wasn't really a child bride but she looks like it. And Skinny Pants was wearing skinny pants but she denies it. If you are going to have skinny pants and look great in them you ought to fess up, that's what I think.
Anyway, we scrunched our straw wrappers up--Her Excellency of Mousehole showed me how some months ago and it is my only new talent. After the straw is sufficiently scrunched you add a drop of water... wakes up the worm and he squirms around--maybe he even yawns. You can call him a snake if you want. Kids love watching the worm/snake wake up. Or maybe it's me that likes watching and I make the grandkids watch.

I told Child Bride and Skinny Pants that I know which straws in which restaurants have the best straw wrappers. The tight ones are almost impossible to scrunch--that would be the straws at Mimi's--but the loose ones, like at Heaps (Brick Oven), where we ate today, are the best.

Skinny Pants said it was pretty pathetic that I know where the best straws are at all the restaurants.

Now if I knew where the best cake was, well that might be valuable information and non-pathetic. Actually, I probably do.

That's not pathetic, is it? Is it?

She doesn't know where the best cake is and THAT'S WHY SHE HAS SKINNY PANTS.

Go forth and make some straw-wrapper worms/snakes of your own.


Your blogger friend, Lynne, who knows what restaurants have good and bad straw wrappers and which ones have good cake.


Anonymous said...

Skinny Pants' grandson said just the other day, "Grandma, you have a big butt." We all know that three-year-olds never lie. But thanks for calling me Skinny Pants. One day in the not to distant future the name will fit. And we will sing Dancing Queen and dance on the dock together just before we jump into the water at the end of the song. And we will both be "Skinny Pants"

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I will now have to do this ya know... no resturant will be safe... my family love to shoot straw wrappers at each other so will have to be a bit more couth and teach em better ways to play with their straw wrappers :D
hugs Laura

Cindy said...

You are also a blogger friend who also brings a smile to my face!!

Do you know what restaurants have good cake in California??

Shawn said...

I LOVE cake!! Especially white cake.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Dear Friends,

A vote should be taken. First of all, we should vote on whether or not to believe Skinny Pant's grandson when--as we all know--small children have NO butts at all! I think the voting will be unanimous--do not believe grandson-no-butt.

Second we should vote on the best cake. The seven-pound Costco chocolate one should be in the running. I think there is even a picture of it, or at least the last piece of it, on one of my posts. It's called "Cake."

I vote for chocolate. Shawn probably votes for white. Actually, I've never met a cake I didn't like.

What's your vote?

Your blogger friend,
Lynne, who loves cake

Cindy said...

Vote one - do not believe grandson!!

Vote two - CHOCOLATE!!! No doubt about it!!