Saturday, August 30, 2008


Pika, our Persian Cat is really a bird.

I ask you, doesn't this look like a feather? I combed Pika yesterday, I removed every single stray bit of loose fur and today, right this minute she came down to be loved and I worked this out of her. A giant pre-hawked-up fur ball. I saved myself the cleaning up process because if I had left it on her she would have licked it loose and swallowed it and...just like an owl--which I mention is also a bird, I would have seen it later, possibly in my shoe. It would look just just like a owl pellet.

This is why I see fur-balls-resembling-owl-pellets all over the place:

Pika grooms herself...

and grooms herself...

and grooms herself. She groomed herself so much she misplaced her eyeballs. Poor Pika, misplacing her eyeballs like that.

Honestly, I tried to get a full face picture of her but she just was too busy, licking and licking and preparing a Sunday morning surprise for me.

Thank you, Pika.


Tierney said...

Pika is very charming. Her little facial expressions remind me of my daughter, Astrid, when she is stretching. Azzy also leaves little pellets, but luckily most of them are in her diaper and she's left my shoes alone, so far...



Michael Rawluk said...

I hair having even a little of my thinning hair in my eyes. That would drive me crazy. I would make a fee-line, I mean bee-line, to the barber.