Thursday, August 7, 2008


Two weeks ago I mentioned to Phil that we needed to defrost the freezer. Not today, he said. And not tomorrow either. In fact, we haven't found a day that is convenient. Until today! The freezer demanded to be defrosted all by itself. The door had been left cracked open.

Many things went into the garbage and many other things got cooked. How are we going to eat five pounds of chicken is beyond me. Actually, tomorrow I have to take a casserole to the Food Coalition so I will make it extra chickeny.

Now the question: How come we had the time to defrost the freezer today and not yesterday or the day before? What else in life is like this, time when compelled but not time before?

It scares me. What am I neglecting that I will have to take care of when the demand is made?


Colette Amelia said...

indeed. Good luck with the cleaning cooking and eating!

Michael Rawluk said...

I canthink of a few things that I should do but 'not today' seems to be my anthem.

Camille said...

AGH!! is what I say to the freezer door being left open. My kids are masters at that. I feel your pain. The last time I ended up with like 8 pounds of groud beef and I think 12+ pounds of chicken. Thanks to Randy, I got some good recipes and we ate great. We was such a good cook.