Saturday, August 9, 2008


It was Tuesday's birthday party. Lots of family were there.Starting with her great Grandpa and his brand new bride. The great-grandpa's Momma, Tuesday's grandma.Tuesday's grandpa.
Tuesday's other grandpa.
And her other grandma.Aunt Michelle, who brought seven cousins to the party. Yes, all seven are hers. Her hubby was home with no voice. Not from yelling at the kids, though. Some kind of voice stealing bug.Tuesday's Daddy.Tuesday's Mommy who is serving cake to lots of hungry little people."I'll just scare Grandma with a poke in the eye."
The oldest cousin there..Two more.
This cousin tried to get water in his cup because...
when he got it out of the kiddie pool...
...he got soaked. The big kids, just like big kids everywhere, held the pool hostage.But it doesn't keep some from trying to get them wet.Let me off this stool.But now I'm not sure I'm big enough to get in there and throw water on anybody.
This cousin blew a raspberry during the prayer. I took this picture later, you thought I was taking pictures during the blessing on the food, didn't 'cha?It's okay if you blew a raspberry. I did the same thing when I was your age.
Cousin Towel-head.

Sister Mysterious.

This cousin never takes a bad picture.
This cousin obviously got wet when he didn't want to.
We call this pose the "Turkey Lip," because it's big enough for a turkey to roost on.
Time out from the water fight for a little hula hoop.

The birthday girl, all wrapped up.
Three cousins joking around. Only thinking about joining the fun.
More wrapping. "I can't smile. I'm cold."
"Goodbye everyone! Whose turn is it for the next party?"

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Laura ~Peach~ said...

WONDERFUL PARTY! Happy birthday Tuesday! Love the pictures and the baby blwing the raspberry is just too adorable!
Hugs Laura