Sunday, March 2, 2008


This is our darling granddaughter, Curly Sue on her baptism day. We sat in the chapel before the baptism, not doing anything, just listening to the prelude music and all of a sudden I started to cry. It was a very tender time for me. I think all of Curly Sue's ancestors were there, in the chapel for this special day. Curly Sue is one of the sweetest people I know. I am so very proud of her for being wanting to be baptised and to take upon her the name of our Savior and to try to do what would make him happy. In her baptism clothes with her daddy, Fearless Hunter.

Curly Sue's Great Grandpa Weaver baptized her.

Her Grandpa Snyder confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost. Curly Sue was cold after her baptism and confirmation and so is bundled up.

Here we are with our newest baptized granddaughter. I obviously forgot to bring my neck. I hate it when that happens.

After the baptism we went back to Fearless Hunter and Gilmore Girl's house for a lovely luncheon. The silliness started right away. But it is kind of sweet, don't you think?Tuesday with her wonderful Aunt Megan and Great Grandpa Weaver. This is one of my favorite photo's (except for Tuesday's evil red-eye).

This is Curly Sue and Tuesday's Grandma Smith who is one of the world's best cooks. I'm not kidding, everything she makes is delicious. On my dessert plate I had trifle and won ton chicken salad that Heidi made--my second helping. So fabulous. I'll ask her if it's okay if I put her recipe on my cookbook site. She is a pretty darn nice person, besides being one of the world's best cooks. Curly Sue and Tuesday are so lucky.

And, not to miss wonderful Megan who teaches Curly Sue all kinds of interesting things. Megan has been practically everywhere, studying languages. She hopes to go to Turkey this summer. Turkey! Who goes to Turkey to study...I guess Turkish? Megan does.

The girl of the day, sans shoes.

Look at this. Wouldn't we all love to have a Great Grandpa like this, so patient, so willing to try and get Tuesday to pose for me--she wouldn't of course but loved playing with her great grandpa's bolo tie.

This is a picture of Gilmore Girl's best friend since seventh grade. This girl is amazing. She does it all. When she was about fourteen I called her, disguised my voice and said something like, "Hi, I'm in town for a reunion and we have seventeen children, ages one to ten. We need a baby sitter tomorrow for four hours and someone recommended you. Could you do it for us?" She hesitated and as soon as she could breathe again she said, "Ah...I guess so." And she would have done it too. She has three children, her oldest looks exactly like her.

This photo is out of focus and not the best, her daughter kind of has a "who is this woman and why is she sticking a camera in my face," but this is Gilmore Girl's best friend's clone and I wanted you to see her.

These pictures are taken before the baptism. This is Kraut and Soap Queen's children.
Every brother should have a brother who is willing to give them rabbit ears. The Gamer, Entomologist and Lego® Boy.

The oldest of the clan, Book Worm and the youngest of the clan,Taz. The New baby will be born any time.
This is sad Dragonfly, in a snit. She didn't get to sit by her mother on the way to the baptism and she was oh, so very sad. Life is so hard.

Curly Sue, showing one of her new skills that she is leaning in gymnastics, the back-bend. Dragonfly, crawling under the Curly Sue bridge.
This is the twenty pound trifle that I will post a recipe for later in the week.

I just had to include this. We followed Kraut and Soap Queen--on the way to the baptism--and when we passed them I took their picture. I felt like a spy.

The weather turned nasty just before we left to drive home.

And by the time we got home, there wasn't even as much as a raindrop on the roads. The storm completely missed us but all around us it was a blizzard.

Thank you Fearless Hunter and Gilmore Girl for giving us this wonderful granddaughter, Curly Sue.

Congratulations, Curly Sue. We love you very much.


C.C. said...

Gosh, Lynne, I don't even know you or your family and you've got me all misty-eyed again! It looks like you had a lovely lovely day with your family as you celebrated such a blessed event!

Alisa said...

I am so happy for them! Please tell all how happy our family is that she was baptized!
(it was fun to see pics of their family- we miss them so much, everytime I play pente, I think of fearless hunter!)

peach said...

It is so good to see that the Camera /computer connection is working :-) Love the pictures and
tell miss curly sue that her baptism is just too cool!

Mine was a memory for all who were there that brings quite the smile to faces... picture....dunk, stand, fall out under the power of the HOLY GHOST and DUNK again! :-) was sooo cool that dear hubby had to get baptised next :-)

the following week My Curly sue, Martha decided it was time for her to be baptized again... long story there but needless to say it was wonderful.

Lee W. said...

SO lovely! We get bapitzed as infants, so it is cool to see how other faiths do it! Love all those photos!

Colette Amelia said...

Thank goodness you downloaded for how else would I be sitting here with a smile on me face without even thinking about writing a paper or maybe even shovelling the driveway from the big dump of snow?

Lynne your family warms me heart, how wonderful for you to have the fun and love of so many!

Kacey said...

LOL on you forgot your neck...

I just adore Curly Sue's hair!!

Cindy said...

Awe, Lynne, how special!! My first grandchild will be baptized on Easter Sunday! It's so great to see these little ones with such faith and willingness to follow the Savior's example. I think it is really special that Curly Sue got baptized by a great grandpa!!

Ekim said...

What a little cutie.

tearese said...

I like that sculpture you have in your Stake Center behind you in the picture. A nice departure from the usual Del Parson or Simon Dewey paintings.

stampingqueen said...

I love seeing pics of the family. Can't believe how big they are all getting - they are all still babies in my mind, at least the ones I've actually met.

Ask Gilmore Girl where she got Curly Sue's outfit - I LOVE it and it's just perfect for a baptism day.

Love you,

MJ Bristow said...

My wife's name is Susan, and Curly Sue is just adorable! What fun.

Our little baby was blessed just week. So many wonderful memories.