Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We went to Kraut and Soap Queen's this morning, early. Anything before eight is early for me in my declining years. I feel old today. We watched their two little ones while the other four went to school. I conked out on their bed for at least an hour and Phil watched the kids. Then he left because we are on a tend-schedule for a few weeks to watch some of the other grandchildren on Tuesday afternoons.

Kraut called at about three to tell us we had a new grandson. We all "knew" it was a boy. I don't know how, as they don't find out until the baby is born but we all just felt this one was a boy. They have five boys now and two girls. They lost a little girl when The Soap Queen was 7-8 months pregnant, a perfect little girl and the doctors never could figure out why she died. So, technically they have eight but seven living.

Here are pictures of this new little miracle and some pictures of the other kids.

Here he is, as yet unnamed with his beautiful mother.

The other children were as happy to see their mom as to see the new baby.
This is the entire group, from oldest to youngest, Kraut, my dear son, the Soap Queen, his wonderful wife, Book Worm, The Gamer, Butterfly, Entomologist, Lego® Boy, Taz and of course the newest, unnamed wee one.

The Entomologist having his turn to hold the new baby.

Taz doesn't realize it yet but he is no longer the baby of the family. Let's just remove that binky, shall we?

See? he is right where he thinks it is his 100%-of-the-time-right-to-be, right on his mom's lap.

Butterfly, who fits her name, holding new baby.

The Book Worm found my magazines, that I foolishly thought I'd have time to read while tending today, and she opened them with an almost hunger. She is also a very responsible oldest sibling. She is not yet eleven! Seven kids under the age of eleven. Amazing.

This is the oldest boy, The Gamer. He is such a nice boy. We were at the house the other day and he came in from playing with his friends just to say hello and give us a hug and then he was out the door to play again. When we left he stopped playing, made sure we saw him and then waved and waved. You sure feel loved with a grandson like that.

This is so out of focus.

, where are you, with my photography lessons?)

The soap Queen is the Primary President in her ward (Mormon Church--Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). She is a serious "soaper." Her soap is in the Holy Cow Boutique which is in Pleasant Grove, Utah this weekend. She has marvelous friends and family who set her booth up and will keep it stocked. We LOVE her soap.

How does this marvelous woman do it all? I don't know. I spent the day with their wonderfully good children--who ask permission to go play, who help when I asked and I am almost too tired to breathe and I didn't do laundry or any of the normal daily things The Soap Queen does.

More power to the two of you. Thanks for the gaggle of wonderful grandchildren. We adore them all. The new one is certainly beautiful.


Cindy said...

Congratulations on the new grandson! He is beautiful!! I had six children 11 and under. It's fun when they are teenagers!! Michelle is indeed remarkable!! Thanks for sharing your family.

Kacey said...

congrats on the darling new grandson! You must be so excited. And I do so love the names you've given the grandkids!

Alisa said...

Oh happy day- how fun to have a new grandbaby!

Lynne L. said...

Its just after midnight, and it was a true delight to read about your grandchildren and personal history group. It feels like a really sweet bedtime story. I feel warm and tucked in, ready for bed. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could keep up with my blog as well as you do yours. www.lypala.wordpress.com Its nice meeting another "Lynne"

tearese said...

I'm glad there were no problems with this baby, its so upsetting to hear about the ones that are lost so late in the pregnancy like that. I couldn't imagine taking care of a new baby with so many at home, but then I've only got two so far.

Colette Amelia said...

that truly is a beautiful baby! Nice to see so many loved and well cared for kids...lucky family! Lucky grandma!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Ohhh~ Big Congratulations! He is beautiful!