Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Here is The Soap Queen with Brand New Baby (#7) and in the other corner...

...we find a box and two boys inside. Taz and Lego Boy .

Hiding out.

And then popping out just to make sure we were watching.

Lego Boy is running things, he is the power of the box, so to speak. He rattled and rolled the box while Taz bounced, fell over and took all the rattling, rolling action.

The box is disintegrating, becoming less of a box and more of a tent.

One more roll and its back in box shape and Taz... ready to escape

because Lego Boy is still into the rolling, bouncing mode and Taz has had enough.

Mom does not interfere. In fact she is amused because she knows that Taz will be back inside in about 30 seconds, ready to take whatever his brother dishes out.

Finally, Lego Boy emerges and the two turn the poor abused box into a slide. Whew, that box entertained those two for over an hour of non-stop play. I was tired just watching them.

The cost of this toy? Well, since it is the box for a new car seat for Brand New Baby it probably actually cost more than I originally thought. Not cheap after all, but, let's face it, it's worth it.

Phil said, when he saw Brand New Baby for the first time, "God sends a child to change the world for the better," and He has. We're sure of it. And these boys will change the world for the better too.


Michael Rawluk said...

You are getting good with those kiddie shots. A cute family.

Pam's Place said...

Brand New Baby is darling. Mama does not look like a Brand New Mama (for the 7th time). Maybe 7 is the reason. She's got this Mama thing down pat.

Pam's Place said...

Ooops. I forgot: Heart-y congratulations to all: Mom, Dad, sibs, and of course, Grandma and Grandpa.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment this week.

Cute photos of those boys--of course the box is more fun than anything else!

I read a few of your older posts and was wondering about the one where you talked about eating vegan and your stroke vein making noise? Could you elaborate for me what exactly that is? I know all about eating vegan, but the mention of noise made me wonder because I have noise in my head too and am always trying to figure out a way to make it stop. Drinking lots and lots of pure water seems to help me...

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Ladiesofthehouse, on the left side of my head, I can hear my heartbeat. I have not had it checked out by a doctor because I know how to make it stop. Eat vegan. We were vegan for six years and then gradually added animal products back into our diet. Now we eat the standard American diet--SAD--just like everyone else but I am gradually, or perhaps even speedily giving up meat, more slowly cheese, not that we eat a lot or even hardly any. When I do this for even maybe five days the noise goes away. I just need to be committed. And I agree about the water. Sometimes I take aspirin too, to help thin the blood. This is all a self diagnosis.

There are some excellent web sites to help with recipes. One is Veggies Unite. Not it's real name but I google that and find it that way. I pulled a recipe off there today, General Tao's tofu, that sounds great.

Anyway, for what it's worth, that's what I'm doing--or thinking of doing.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Love the pictures... My kids favorite toys have always been boxes, pots and pans and potatos. Strange I know but the male child who loves music and plays several instruments started his musical career on pots and pans :-) the best boxes for them were the pampers boxes (back when pampers came in the BIG boxes) and we had a HUGE box like a refridgerator box that they played in for at least a month! I see another favorite toy... clothing basket! all time favorite toy in my world LOL
Mamma looks wonderful after having a new baby, baby is darling!

Lee W. said...

goodnes-- love the whole box sequence! COngrats on the new baby- aren't they fun!

Cindy said...

I just love boxes for children. I don't know why we spend so much money on toys, when we could just give them boxes. The Soap Queen looks relaxed and confident. I guess that happens when you birth seven children.

moonlight nimi said...

You captured the quintessential children playing with the box story so well! Your children are darling and congratulations on baby #7. Wow! Also, thanks for your visit to my little blog. Come back often...or as often as you can:)

Astromom said...

Its true, I don't even know why I give the kids toys (actually most of there toys are hand-me-downs or grandparent gifts), the kids love the simpliest imaginative toys the most. Why I can't give up the legos even though as far as cleaning those would be the first to go.