Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hooray! The lawn swings are up. Here is Tuesday, pretending it's no big deal.

It's a big deal, Tuesday, trust me. It means spring is here even if the temperature was thirty-seven degrees this morning.

But Mary Poppins and Curly Sue know it's a big deal. Here they are, saying, "can we play Mother May I, can we huh? Pleeeease, please, please."

Gilmore Girl does not give normal commands, such as you may four giant steps. Oh no, she says things like you may take four "Stand Alone in the Dark Forest of Fear's." Just kidding, I made that up, but it's no more bizarre than what my darling daughter does makes up.

How about four Wheel Round Pixie Doodles? Then they have to make up what they think a Pixie would doodle, with a wheel round. Think, think, think. I've got it.

How's this?

If I remember right this has something to do with a bean stalk.

"Oh, no! I forgot to say 'Mother May I'"

Back to the starting line.

Tuesday decides she'll go keep Mary Poppins company.

And then Curly Sue forgets to say "Mother May I" so so back she goes. But...they go back so often we begin to think they forget on purpose so the game can go on...and on...and on.

Almost there.

Here I come with my Fangdangled Top Twirlers.

Oh, no, she is winning.

And then, when the game was done Curly Sue got punctured with a bolt on the very ancient lawn swings and we adjourned inside for neosporin and a Band-aid.

And Tuesday wondered what all the fuss was about.

But I'll tell you, THE LAWN SWINGS ARE UP and that means spring and sunlight and no more gloomy snowy days.


Colette Amelia said...

oh my you who live in another country have houses that look like ours...and cars too! Not only that we play mother may I... although not so creatively and we have neosporin...who knew?

But you still have something I don't have and that is cute little grandkids!

Cindy said...

Oh, Lynne, "Mother May I" brings back fond memories!! I'm happy kids still play that game!!
I'm also happy it's Spring!! It is a very big deal!!!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I think it has been way too long since I played Mother May I? Hmm, maybe my kids don't know how to play it.. either inside or OUT! I'll have to teach them. Wish I had a nice big lawn like yours!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

What a large lawn! Perfect for "Mother may I?"

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the pics... unfortunately I saw the snow first... that makes the snow even MORE RUDE... I love the mountains in the back ground however QUITE BEAUTIFUL!
Hugs Laura

Anonymous said...

It was a fun day. My sunburn (and all your pictures)are the only proof that the sun really was hear. I'ld bet lots and lots of stuff that the snow hasn't stopped since it started in the dark of night. Down her in outter mongolia (35 minutes south of you) it has little snowed aaalllllll day.
love you bye, yvc Gilmore Girl

Teresa said...

That has to be the most interesting game of Mother May I I've ever heard of! :o) But how is poor Curly Sue? I hope the fun of the day overshadowed the last event!

You have such a beautiful yard and view! Wow!

Michael Rawluk said...

Now tel me, why is there no snow? We have snow. I feel so sad for you. Maybe I will fill a big box with the lovely stuff and send it to you.