Saturday, March 22, 2008


Lord Bumhamptom and his lovely wife, Nurse Giggleswich came yesterday with their two dogs, Gordon and Arnold.

Add Minkey--the cat who is terrified by Gordon and Arnold--who is also terrified by Dyna, the growling, hissing mother cat, add Pika, who refuses to be intimidated by Gordon and Arnold, who just sits there and looks pretty, Toves, Gregory, William and Japhy and this has been an interesting week-end.

We locked Dyna and the kittens in Her Excellency of Mousehole's room and the dogs got a chance to relax and be Lord's of the house.

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Anonymous said...

what a lonely blog with no comments. I will say those cookies are the ultimate. Why don't you bring me some. Heed your wife is so stinkin' cute. Mom get out the lawn swings next week when Heed is down. Then we'll come over. yfc + Fam.