Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter, today and I didn't prepare myself mentally or spiritually. I sat in Sacrament Meeting and the music of the choir--the last line of the last song brought me to tears. I finally got it. "Come to me, thou art mine own." (Did You See Him in the Garden by Shawn M. Stringham and Lynn S Lund)

Come to me, thou art mine own.

Those words bring comfort. When I am despondent, feeling afraid, worried, I have one person who will understand. Understand because He felt my hurts, my worries, my physical pain, my fear and feeling of inadequacy. He also knows of my bad times, my selfish, tantrum throwing, saying bad words, doing bad things times and gives me the chance to give them up and be washed clean.

For me that line has a double meaning. Come to me, thou art mine own. I feel that way about my children. They are mine. I love and cherish them--each of them. Their spouses are mine too. I will share with their real parents but they are mine now, too.

How much more does the Savior love and understand us than any mere mother ever could? Each and every one of us. I cannot comprehend because I have never loved like that. Not even our brand new babies, just born. The fierce love we felt for those children is nothing compared to what the Savior feels for each of us. For you.

He wants us back because we are his own. That comforts me. I know he will not rest until we are all safely gathered in. There is hope for me. Hope for my children. Hope for all, everywhere. It's fitting to know this on this day when the greatest miracle of all time occurred, this Easter.


Lee W. said...

I remember when I had my first child, I was groggy and tired and in a lot of pain after the c-section. I remember the staff handing my J. and thinking to myself "now what?" No rush of emotion, no nothing. Just too tired and druggy. The next day was completely different, I started to fall in love with my child. That night I woke up to hear a baby crying somewhere in the nursery, and I knew instinctively it was him. The sheer ferociousness of the love that I felt was startling- I was truly the momma bear looking for her cub.

I never thought of that applying to God and his fierce love for me, unitl I read your post. What an amazing thing!! HE loves me like that- and more!! How awesome.

Laura ~Peach~ said...


Anonymous said...

Mom, I love you! And not in the funny voice way. I truly love you the very very most. I would rather you warn me about blogs that are gonna make me cry, blog tears, I don't love, but you, I do. Is that too many commas? Oh well. that'llbeallloveyoubye. yfc

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Very well said! Isn't it good to know?
I hope you had a happy Easter. We missed it - traveling... a first for us. I am glad to be going up to Gen. Conf. soon!