Friday, March 14, 2008


This falling down structure is less than a block from my home.

This old horse barn is being held together with bailing twine.

I think it's beautiful. Where else would you find a conglomeration of images like this? Colors like this? Weathered, old, hammered-together stuff?

It's been the home to many horses. All the neighborhood kids have stolen carrots and apples out of their Mom's fridge to feed to the horses who have lived here. All the mom's have bought extra carrots and apples so their kids could steal them to feed the horses.

The horses always whinnied and came to the fence to be fed. Sometimes you wondered how the fence would hold together as the horse strained to pluck the carrot out of a formerly brave child's hand, who had backed up out of reach.

But look in the background. That yellow beast is a sign of progress. Soon there will be lovely homes on this property, filled with families. It will be a good thing.

Today I am enjoying this one-of-a-kind horse barn. There will be time to grieve later.


kacey said...

When I saw your first shot, I thought, "wow, what a great subject to photograph". Sorry it's going away. Along with the history.

Love the remark that moms bought extra carrots and apples so the kids could steal them to feed the horses. *g

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Progress is good but, somethings are just so wonderful... I am glad you have pics to keep the memories fresh with. Beautiful!

Ekim said...

Sometimes the most progressive thing is to leave things as they are.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

We have nothing like this here, progress has already scooped it up, and we have lots of homes in foreclosure, and no one living in them. :-(

Pam's Place said...

One thing Utah "ranchers" are is thrifty. The "fence" supposedly containing the horses here is literally held together with string. As I have walked by there many times, I've marveled that it is still standing. It IS a great barn for interesting photographs, but since it is somewhat in my neighborhood as well, I confess I will not miss this particular barn. Yes, I will miss the horses, and the idea of a barn, but this particular barn, not so much.