Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hi, once again I find myself with not enough time to do Justice to a decent blog so I will leave you with this disturbing picture and hope you don't see it until the light of day.
This is Pika, who waits until the car drives in the driveway and then she hightails it to the door to be petted.

Here she is, in hightail mode. Although I think her tail is not actually high. She knocked a candle over in her haste to get to the door.

And there she is, gone. In half a second she will be waiting patiently to trip whoever comes in the door because they forget that she is underfoot. It's her job and she takes it seriously. She's a good kitty, that way.

Oomph. trip. Job well done, Pika.

Then she looks at you with those scary electric eyes and says, "Meow," which translates to, "It's not my fault you fell. I just wanted to welcome you home. Can you pet me now? And give me fresh food, huh, huh, huh? I know there's food in the cat dish but it's 20 minutes old and it's nasty and stale so can I have fresh food now? Pleease."

Certainly. And I will give you fresh food and fresh water and clean the litter box and scratch you behind the ears and scratch your back and you still won't sit on my lap and purr.


Dr. Victor F. said...

It looks like Pika would be excellent for dusting. Just leave a trail of treats and she will dust on her way.

Kacey said...

LOL, my cat almost KILLED me yesterday, trying to trip me on the stairs!! One of my cats is a lap sitter, the other one not so much. Both love to be petted and get under my feet though!