Saturday, March 15, 2008


I think I will occasionally have a list feature. For this I need your help, all five of you who read my blog, bless your sweet little hearts.

It will be only five items.

It will be from the depth of your soul. And mine.

Sometimes it will be from the un-depths of your soul. And mine.

Sometimes it will be funny and irreverent--not too irreverent, mind you. You can be funny and irreverent--only not too irreverent, can't you? I knew it.

Okay, let's go.


Here's mine:

1. Clean up the pile of clothes at the bottom of my bed. Gilmore Girl has itchy fingers, wanting to get to that pile. She's a cleaner-upper. She should start a business. She could call it "If You Won't Clean It Out I Will," or perhaps something more clever. She's more clever than I. I keep telling her to write a children's book but does she listen? No. I'd hire her to clean up my pile, even though she doesn't listen to her mother, if she didn't have this rule: "You can't be here while I clean." What kind of a rule is that? How would she know what was precious? So, that piece of clothing hasn't fit in 35 years? It was the shirt I wore with Phil to the carnival. It holds memories. If I can stand to let go of the memories I will let her have full rein. She would be in Heaven. I should do it just for her pleasure. And she should write a childen's book, for mine.

2. Clean the cobweb strings that I can see from my computer chair but that I can't reach. Okay, Maybe I will try to reach them as they really are driving me crazy. And where is the spider who made those pesky cobweb strings. I'm on the lookout.

3. Plan menus. I am trying to incorporate more vegan meals into our diet as my stroke vein is loud and I'm worried. When I eat what I call "clean" for a few days the noise in my head--the stroke vein--calms down. If I eat clean long enough the noise goes away completely. My theory is that with no animal products in my blood my body cleans the plaque out of my veins and arteries. So, I will think about planning menus. This is my favorite site for vegan recipes. She--Bryanna Grogan--is a masterful cook. Years ago, when we first went vegan I couldn't find any recipes so I started a newsletter that I published every three months. I knew how to do it once, and did it well, I might add. I just need to do it again. Maybe with Bryanna's help I can do it.

4. Clean out the fridge. If I leave it long enough Phil gets disgusted and starts throwing things away. He says, "Do you want this?" and of course I never do, it's turned bad but I can't throw it away until I see evidence of it's badness. Mold. Sliminess. Smell. Thank goodness for Phil. If he weren't ever vigilant the fridge might have to be classified as a toxic waste dump. We would be condemmed and would never see the light of day again.

5. Exercise. I know that would help the old stroke vein as much as a clean diet but I'm just not going to do it today. Maybe I will walk over to the horse barn to take more pictures but that's as vigorous as it's going to get.

So, what's on your "To Do" list that you aren't going to do? It will make me feel better if I know that five of you, out there in Internet land are planning a Slacker Saturday too.


whirligigdaisy said...

Oh Lynne. Too true.

1. I also am not going to exercise.
2. I am not going to clean out the room Brady asked me to, but I did clean the table in there.
3. I am not going to work on my book because I opened the file, read what I've written so far and got very discouraged.
4. I'm not going to not cry. I've been crying all day long. Darn hormones / stress.
5. I am probably not going to read my Primary lesson or get it ready. I should do it today, but I'll probably wait until tomorrow.

Laura ~Peach~ said...


1. get the oil changed in the truck
2. bake the cake
3. clean out my closet... can I borrow your cleaner? I will leave and let her get rid of things as long as they go to good will.
4. do dishes. Blah I refuse to! Today.
5. exercise... HA i think about it alot! I need to big time! wish you were closer we could NOT exercise together :-)

stampingqueen said...

I don't have 5 things on my Not-To-Do list, I'm not that ambicious yet. But here's a few things that won't be getting done today:
1. Laundry - I have clean under-roos for church tomorrow, but I have no clue what I'm going to wear on Monday (and the laundry room is closed on Sundays). I guess I'll figure it out then.
2.Take a shower - I haven't gotten to it yet today and I'm just going to have to do it again tomorrow, so why bother at this point!
3.Make Thank you cards - I have many people in great need of thanks, but they're just going to have to wait one more week to get their dinner dishes back, because I never return an empty dish - even if it only has a card in it - and it just ain't going to happen today.

Colette Amelia said...

1. go for a walk ...too icky out.
2. Go get groceries...too busy at the store.
3.cook something healthy...too lazy and hungry and wanting things that I don't have like beef, what the heck the stroke vein can blow, I need iron.
4. phone my kids... still waiting to phone them with news that I got the job.
5. Work on the next paper! 12-15 pages when will this madness end? in about 3 weeks!

Michael Rawluk said...

I avoided:
1. Eatting a healthy dinner. Settled for a cheese sandwich.
2. Vacuuming. I had a nap instead.
3. Going to the gym. I managed to avoid it . . . again.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Saturday is over, so I can't remember what I was going to avoid doing. THe family DID clean out the front porch area though - dirt, leaves, cobwebs, old wood, etc - swept it out instead of hosing it out - we are in a drought, says my hubby...

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Thanks to all of you. You have given me some nifty ideas about what to avoid the next time I feel slackerish. Except for the crying, Whirligigdaisy. Let's not cry any more. All is well. Even if it doesn't look like it. All is well.

kacey said...

1) clean the inside of my car
2) pack for spring break
3) clean the kitchen
4) clean the bathroom
5) clean my bedroom

(detect a trend here??)

Vladimir said...

Я прочитал это и осуществил что я буду днем поздно и поэтому я не оставлю список. Я буду вашим самым большим вентилятором.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Vladimir, приветствуя для сообщения от России. Те в Сибире должны иметь одну вещь на их списках: пребывание жары -. и я надеюсь вы теплы.