Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have decided that in yesterday's post I should have written "melty tastiness," not "melty goodness"--as in "good for you." I don't want to deceive anyone about the nutritional value of candy bars. Just wanted to set the record straight.

Lasagna and salad and French bread--that is my all time favorite meal. Today, before leaving for church, I put together a lasagna and left a note for Phil to put it in the oven after he got home from his BYU ward. I walked into the house to the most heavenly smell.

A salad made with fresh cucumbers and fresh tomatoes from the garden can go from good to wonderful if you put a bunch of marinated artichoke hearts on it. If you live anywhere near BYU's Creamery on 9th and can get their ranch dressing it takes that salad from wonderful to fantastic. Just sayin' in case you live close. If you don't live close, forget I said that part.

It doesn't matter how old you get, you still want the best for your children and you still think of them as children, not as men or women. They were, and always will be, your precious little ones.

If we could be a nation of strong families, we would be a strong nation. We must do what we can to keep our families intact, to teach them correct principles, and to teach them to serve.

If you don't have anyone to sit by in church you are lonely no matter how full the chapel is. Luckily I had people to sit by today, except for Sunday School. I sat by a man I didn't even know--how does that happen? He promptly went to sleep. He did not snore.

It is good to sit in Relief Society and not be up front, conducting. It is nice to know someone else is in charge of Enrichment. I will go to Enrichment in September and have no responsibilities for the first time in seven years!

I told you this was a blog about nothing. I have things to say but am going to say them on my Starlight blog and on a different night as I'm going to bed now. I hope everyone is tucked in and hope you all remembered to floss your teeth and say your prayers.



Laura ~Peach~ said...

lasagna sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

whirligigdaisy said...

7 years. Wow. How great to not be in charge. You didn't blog about nothing, you silly. I love it. Except that I didn't floss last night. My bad.

Lorraine said...

You worked hard enough, now it's time for you to stop and smell the lasagna ;) (sounds delish)

hillary said...

I did not remember to floss OR say my prayers. Who raised my anyway?

How did I not know your favorite meal. I will make that for you someday, along with a big juicy cake.

Michael Rawluk said...

If that is nothing then it is a whole lot of nothing.

Shan said...

I just want to make sure Hillyerie remembers to invite me when she makes that lasagne and cake. Plus, also, I hate sitting alone in church too. It makes it not my favorite activity.

Meg McGraw said...

I love your blog. I look forward to reading what yu have to say each day. I find it very uplifting, light and very funny. Thanks so much for being to wonderful, talented and just a blessing to me.

Annette said...

I would say this is a blog about lots of things. Where to buy Ranch dressing, feelings at church, favorite food, etc. I love it all.

Shawn said...

Oh, I do so want to eat lasagna....yummy....but I am trying to do another diet thing---mostly fresh veggies, fresh fruit, meat, cheese and beans----I love those things too, but lasagna---I would still love just a bite1

Kathy said...

Watcha mean "nothing"? Lots of somethings are here. Yikes I neglected my flossing and praying last night, thanks for reminding.

Tierney said...

I love the "Nothing" sign. Did you take that picture?? It is great. And your blog is not about nothing. It's about life, and that's everything. You make me miss living by the Creamery.

Jessica said...

Lasagna sounds yummy. Let's list the things that sound yummy to me these days:
1. mashed potatoes (the real kind - no substitutions)
2. lasagna (I just found that one out when I read your blog)
3. nothing else in the whole entire world
Just thought you would like to know.