Friday, August 21, 2009


I've been writing this book for a while. I decided it needed more depth than just a girl wishing that her father hadn't died, even though she had a perfectly nice step-father, that she loved. I decided to add an element of sexuality into it. Her not being comfortable with her changing body, not wanting to even think about sex and almost seeing someone else have it. That led to a buying bra's chapter. This has been such fun that I seem to be loosing the anger over her father's death. I wonder if this is two different books?

Which would you rather read? Or do you think I can do both in one book? Really, she has some serious anger over her father's death and the sexuality part is pretty light.

Questions I contemplate late at night while pretending that I can really write.


Lorraine said...

You can write...and I think that touching upon that sexuality aspect and father's death is pure genius...really who's the protector when you're not sure about guys, whose little girl will you always be...I think you've added a very special part to your story, and I applaud you!
If you need a proofreader, I'll gladly do so, I seem to be able to spot typos on everyone's writing but my own lol

Karen Deborah said...

you can write. Being distracted from a deep issue is part of our human experience. If she loses track of her anger for a bit while she wrestle with the restraints of a bra well then your character has added another dimension. Writers write and editors edit. Just keep going. Books take re writes and editors to polish them up, if you try and write a perfect diamond it'll never happen.
Your a ton of fun in your writing and I love it so just keep going.

I was one of those. You can't imagine my horror over the whole "having a period" thing. I kept waiting for my mom to tell me she wasn't serious. When she brought out that belt with the two hooks and the box of Kotex, my life was over. I bawled. When I got a bra I thought life was over. Between the bra the soreness of the little breasts, the cramps, the stink, the belt, and the itch of those kotex pads I experienced depression for the first time at the tender age of 11 years.

I don't think everybody got excited about becoming a woman. You may have a real good chapter there.

Meg McGraw said...

Go with yuor gut Lynne. Itis a beautiful story.

Shan said...

Boobs are funny. I vote keep them. Serious books need funny too. Only call them ta-tas. You know that makes me giggle.

hillary said...

Remember when we went "training bra" shopping for me and I couldn't even say the word. Dad was there (the horror) and I just kept saying "shhh" every time someone said: bra or brests.

Good times.