Saturday, August 15, 2009


We went to our son's house for dinner tonight--the best clam chowder. Thank you, Taylor.

After dinner we checked out the garden and a poor sunflower had fallen over so I took one of the blooms home. What could be better for a summer evening: good food, a beautiful bloom and then home to sit on the lawn swings with a neighbor.

But it's freezing here tonight. Not real freezing, not the ice-forming kind, but really cold for August 15th. The low tonight is going to be about 50 degrees. That's 10 Celsius. I'm going to go put a hot brick in my bed now.

Not much of a post, is this? Not funny or even very interesting. So, imagine you open your door and find a sunflower like this greeting you. Mother Nature saying, "Here, I made this just for you. You are loved. Really, really loved." And you are.

Feel better, now?


Lorraine said...

Well you deserve all kinds of sunflowers sweety, and I love clam chowder, yum...I'll trade you the weather. See I do cool very well, I don't do super hot and humid at all. Today will go up to 32 C and with humidex I'm expecting 40...too toohot for this Canuck...won't that soup be delicious in the cool weather ;)

The Northern Lad said...

Not much of a post? Well this is not much of a comment. So there.

Astromom said...

Zt has been colder, we even wore our coats last night, of course we were going to a dance party in the Warner's culdesac and the coats came right off. I'm sure Pam told you about it, it was pretty loud, but the cute little kids dancing around was soo cute.

Karen Deborah said...

yes thank you Lord for all good things.

hillary said...

How nice of mother nature to cooperate with your dinner. If it had been warm then clam chowder for dinner would have been silly.

Bonnie said...

I love sunflowers. They are so cheerful. I wish I had a whole yard full of them.

The last years, I purchased and then put big sunflowers on Randy's grave because I knew how much he loved them.

The last summer I had with Randy we planted giant sunflower seeds all along our fence and not one of them sprouted. He was so disappointed.

However, I have had two blessings from heaven unexpectedly sprout in my yard this past month--and these are nowhere near the back fence where we planted all of those seeds 2 years ago. I now have one regular size sunflower that has been blooming for 2 weeks by the catalpa tree and on the opposite side of the yard a giant sunflower plant has sprouted by my Rose of Sharon tree. It is now about 5 feet tall and is still growing. It hasn't bloomed yet, but there are several buds on it.

I'd like to think that Randy sent a giant sunflower seed straight from heaven just for me --just to add a little sunshine into my life.