Monday, August 3, 2009


Tonight I whipped up a cake, we called a couple of neighbors, and we had Family Home Evening on the lawn swings. Toward the end a bunch of teenagers--in two cars and a motorcycle--roared up and delivered these cookies. They were from the BYU ward Phil serves in. Yesterday in one of their meeting they talked about the kids serving others. So, today we got cookies! I have a feeling the Bishop and his two counselors got cookies too. I made a cake that I got off Muum's Musings and served it after our lawn swings lesson. It was delicious. Recipe here.
It was so pleasant to have neighbors over. I love them all.

We had a couple of youth here, one eighteen years old and one a returned missionary and they both refused cake and ice cream! Amazing. Then our newest returned missionary--he served in South Africa--, came by to tell his mom he was going for a run. He refused cake too. "That would defeat the purpose of the run," he said.

So the youth are healthy and the rest of us...let's not even think about it.


Lorraine said...

You are so precious, I'm a hermit, truly the thought of all the people in the house give me the hibby jibbies, but I love them lots outside...cookies though and cakes always welcome:
You are a sweetheart!

hillary said...

You know I would never refuse cake or ice cream. Probably not even if that cake had mushy fruit in it. Does that make me old? And moldy? I hope not.

Colette Amelia said...

hmmm cake! its been too hot to turn on a light bulb let alone the oven!

I love this recipe. And I make it with the cinnimon... very nice!

Muum said...

Hey! More cake for us, I say! thanks for trying out my recipe (I say my recipe, but of course, I got it from a friend!)