Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I called someone tonight and they couldn't find the phone until it had gone into the "leave a message" mode. This someone said, in an annoyed voice, "My 'wife or husband' (I'm not telling which) had the phone in the bathroom for some crazy (or stupid or insane--I can't remember exactly what she/he said) reason."
Unfortunately, I think that may have been recorded for the wife/husband to hear later.

Why didn't she/he say, "My wife/husband left the phone in the bathroom again because she/he loves to commune with Mother Nature," and then laughed about it. Or she/he could have said something way more witty than that. (It wouldn't be hard to be more witty than that.)

Why don't we joke with our spouses more? Why is everything serious? Why are we annoyed? Why aren't we charmed that the phone was in the bathroom? Why didn't she/he realize it was in the bathroom because it was the only place for some privacy?

Why isn't there more laughter? Why aren't we fun?

I want to be fun. I like fun. I think I'll sign up for fun lessons. Does anyone know how to do that?

So I googled "fun" and this is what I got. I guess it'll do. For now.


Karen Deborah said...

you are FUN and funny.

Lorraine said...

oh yeah like Karen Deborah above said you are FUN and funny and this is so precious, Bless your Sweet Heart, I love the poor pussy cat, he got 'lemonated' I just made that up you know, 'cause you inspire me to be funny...way to go girl !!!

Colette Amelia said...

you are the master of fun! You could/should give lessons!

But you know some people just lack a funny bone in their body and so they would fail the class.

I guess these people are here to just irritate the hell out of us...or maybe be the inspiration of some jokes for us fun ones who can make anything funny.

Are you sure you didn't phone long distance to Northern BC and talk to a bald headed non fun guy?

Jessica said...

Honestly, I have been thinking about this very same thing. Where did all the fun in marriage go? I need to be better. Unless he is hiding in the closet. That is not charming.

Shawn said...

Ohhhhhh, I believe that you could teach us all a thing or two about being fun---you are so much FUN!!

Tierney said...

I think I finally came up with the answer, at least for me. Probably everyone else already knows it. During dating and courtship, everything is easy and happy, so the annoying things are charming. But marriage is much more difficult, and when the difficult issues don't get resolved, then little stuff becomes big, because you're already upset. (Like "spiders" in the nose).

Shan said...

I wish that I'd known about the fun classes earlier today. I hit my toe and ripped the toenail off. The rest of the day's fun kind of went right out of the window. If I'd had fun classes maybe it wouldn't have taken me so long to think I was going to live. Also, if I'd had fun classes, tonight when the power went out and it was pitch black dark, and I didn't have a flashlight or candle, and it was off for a really long time, and I got scared, I could have found something amusing about the whole thing. Only I didn't have fun classes and I was just plain scared of all that darkness and loneliness. And to think all of this unpleasantness could have been avoided if I'd read your blog earlier and taken the class.

Muum said...

At our house, we are addicted to LOL cats (and dogs)

bon said...

Laugh and flirt! I agree, I find myslef getting all in a twist and annoyed with Dadguy, and then (when I am doing it right) I remember who I am really dealing with here... my fairytale! my true love! my forever guy!

I feel better then.

tearese said...

I need to read this more often. I am annoyed at my husband wayyy too often, and I need to work on it!