Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This week I'm working on a chapter--for my YA novel--that I have simply titled "Passion."

Did you know what you were passionate about when you were twelve? Are they the same things that they are now?

My obvious passions are my religion and my family. Here are some minor ones:

THE STORY. It's always about the story and has always been so. Even commercials on TV have a story. My favorite is the Arby's "last day of school" one where the faculty is just as happy to be out of school as the kids and they all end up at Arby's. I have it recorded and watch it several times in a row. It cheers me up.


FINGERNAIL POLISH: On September 1st I will have worn it every day for a year.

THE COMPUTER: I can read the story, compose the story, and keep in touch with my friends. Not Facebook. Not Twitter. Just email, which I love.

SLEEP: I just need to get some earlier.

LUNCH OUT WITH FRIENDS: Where I hear their stories and tell them mine.

MOVIES: Again, the story. And the popcorn.

CLEAN HANDS, CLEAN FACE: Repentance for the soul, soap for the face. And my daughter-in-law's lavender lotion, which I put it on my face and then put my hands to my nose and breathe deep for a full minute. Then I go to sleep happy.

That's enough for tonight.

What are your passions?


Muum said...

one of my passions is 'the story', too - I am a Trekkie, mostly because I am a plot junkie. DON"T give me an unresolved story, it is a special peeve of mine. Doesn't even have to be good writing, just a good story, and I'm in.

Lorraine said...

Computer brought them all together ;)

zelzee said...

My family. I couldn't imagine my life without all of them in mine!

Shawn said...

Well---my passions are written in the heading next to my picture on my blog....I keep them there to remind myself of all that I have.

By the by, I have a little award for you on my blog---cause you are so special----check it out!

Cindy said...

Some of my passions are my family, those living AND those gone on before us. And serving on this wonderful family history mission. Also spending time in the outdoors, in the wonderful creations that Heavenly Father provided for us.

Tierney said...

What a lovely list of passions you have. I am reading your blog while my number one passion chatters to herself in her crib. It sounds like a pleasant conversation, so I don't feel the need to rush in and interrupt. What else am I passionate about? Precipitation. It just makes me happy, rain or snow. What a sad thing for a girl in So. Cal. Books. I LOVE books. Good books. Not dumb ones like the Sandra Brown one I'm currently reading. Reading Sandra Brown is like eating saltines with peanut butter because there's nothing better in the kitchen. Grammar. I was cracking up at the poor punctuation in the bloodwork lab yesterday, becuase it implied that one might be coughing for the benefit of other patients. I want to be the official comma-policewoman of the universe. Sounds like Snazz is losing the argument in the bedroom, so I'm going to go rescue her. We're going to lunch with a friend, something we enjoy greatly also and could yes, call a passion. (You should see Azzy eat that Indian food. She is definitely passionate!)

tearese said...

When I was twelve, I was obsessed with my book collection. I would literally have nightmares where there was a natural disaster or other problem and I couldn't take my books with me. I was constantly comparing myself to others based on their reading level and the books they read.
Sadly,(or not?) I rarely read novels at all these days, and have a much greater respect for people who read things I've never read before.
My grades, and winning art contests. I was obsessed with being the best in my class, the highest score, the best of show at the contest. Now I am sooo not competitive. Usually. Though I still sometimes get obsessed with proving that I'm smart. But I'm happier if I don't worry about it.
I'm not sure what I'm passionate about now....?