Saturday, August 22, 2009


From my personal history:

I was home, visiting my dad. He was in his late 80's and still driving. He drove up until two weeks of his death at age 93.

"Let's go to Richfield and get dinner," he said. "I'll buy. We'll go to JB's."

"Okay," I said. "Shall I drive?"

"Nah. I'll drive."

I shuddered just a bit, and reluctantly got in the car. I'd driven with Daddy before, recently. He drove at a reasonable speed. His eyesight was good. His reflexes seemed to be good, too. There was just something--I can't put my finger on it, but I was a bit uneasy when he drove.

When we got to Richfield I said, "Dad, go up a block where there is a stop light and then you can turn left and come back down to JB's."

"Nah, I always go this way."

So, we sat at a stop sign, waiting to cross Main Street. We sat a long time.

"Just turn right, Dad, and go up to the light."

"I always go this way," he said.

We waited some more. The traffic on Main Street was pretty heavy.

"Go up to the light, Dad. I don't see a break in the traffic, we could sit here all night."

Just then he floored the gas pedal and we took off. My head made an imprint in the head rest. I could see a car, coming right at us. I was in the "death seat." I saw the whites of the driver's eyes and a panicked look as he put on the brakes." Luckily, his reflexes were good too.

We crossed the street, unharmed.

"Daddy," I said, when I could speak again. "There was a car coming. We could have been hit."

"I was tired of waiting," he said.


People came to know God that day. Me, for sure, and probably the driver of the oncoming car. Maybe that was Daddy's purpose all along. Maybe dinner was just a bonus.


Lorraine said...

Oh I love how you wrote that, simple yet scary and tense

Pam's Place said...

Great story, Lynne!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful!!!! what ever it takes to introduce others to God :)

Miguel said...

I would come to know Depends that day.

TeamGornold said...

though i only was able to know him for a short while, he was so sweet. one of my favorite memories was "hey, i want one of those cakes!" and his neighbor gave him one, and you me bentley and your dad went back to his house and cut the cake up and ate it. that was a good day!

Annette said...

Oh, that brings back some memories of similar car rides! I'm glad you made it safely.

Bonnie said...

I am so glad that you were okay and didn't get hurt that day. We all need you.

I had one of those scary driving moments on Friday--except I was in the driver's seat. I thought the driver to my right was going to let me go through the 4 way stop since i got there first, but instead we both started through the intersection at the same time. I just knew he was going to hit me, but I swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic and prayed. Somehow, my car was missed.

I must have had a guardian angel because I still do not know how I escaped unscathed. As soon as I could, I pulled off onto a side street and thanked God for preserving my life. I am still thanking Him today.

Shan said...

There must have been an angel with you in the death seat that day. I'm glad it was the guardian kind and not the reaping kind.

hillary said...

Hey I thought I commented. I was just going to say:


tearese said...

I knew a 90's something man who had had his car taken away for reckless driving, but he just kept getting new ones. One time, he repeatedly "pushed" cars with his own car in a parking lot so that he could get his car out of a tight parking space. He gave me a ride once, even though I kept insisting I could walk...luckily the streets were empty, because we almost drove into the deep ditch several times and went onto the other side more than once. Oh, and when we missed the turn, he drove backwards for two blocks. Yikes!