Monday, August 10, 2009


When the kids were here I should have cooked three meals. The first night they went to Heaps. I had a roaring--yes, roaring--toothache and didn't go with them.

Saturday night we ate dinner at our son's house. Tooth continued to roar but I had pain pills which kept it to a dull roar. Recipes soon.

Sunday night we ate dinner at our daughter's house. The yummiest chef salad and hot dogs--seems like an odd combination but it was divine. Watermelon and zucchini brownies, which I will be making soon--I won't be making watermelon, so calm down. Watch for the brownie recipe on my coookbook site, too. Soonish. Soonish is a term that could mean a few days to months. Toothache roared on and off. I popped pills on and off.

I took my camera this time and didn't take it out of my purse. Maybe whatever is wrong with me can be cured. With chocolate. I'm sure of it. And that may be a clue why I have a roaring toothache. I'll try to block it out of my mind.

We called one of our grandson's today and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Following the singing--and I use the word "singing" loosly here--was much silence on the line. Phil thinks we are torturing the kids with our singing and it may be true. Our grandson wants to go to lunch and a movie but I'm not sure I can sit through Ice Age 3 again, my being scared and all, when we took the six year old. It's humiliating as he wasn't. Scared, that is. So, I hope the eight-year-old picks Harry Potter although Harry scares me too. I'll need chocolate to get through it. Maybe even a pain pill.

I seem to be scared of a lot of things but not my dentist, who cured the roaring toothache. He walks on water, I'm pretty sure of it. Dr. Prince, in Orem, if anyone has a toothache, locally. Well, of course your toothache is going to be locally--locally, right in your mouth. But if you live near Orem/Provo know what I mean.

I should not blog late at night.


hillary said...

Are you still taking those pain pills? Perhaps you should not take drugs and stay up late and then blog.

Just a thought.

Except for that you are still funny--loopy and all.


Jessica said...

Yeah. I kinda like the staying up late and blogging thing. It works for you. You're stinking funny.

Shan said...

Toothaches are not so much my favorite. I know this as I have had 7, yes I said 7, root canals.

Plus, also, I just saw that Harry Potter movie with Amy. I'm a Harry Potter fan and loved it. However, it is a little scary. There was this one jumpy part where I screamed. Granted, I was the only one who screamed.

Plus, also, thank you for all the sweetness you commented on my blog. I just love your very guts. When those unlovable days come back I can read and see that at least you and the others that said nice things think I'm great. I'm the most blessed ever.

Astromom said...

So you did get to the dentist? I am glad, that sounds like an awful weekend with a bad tooth, though there were so many fun things you did. YOu had that aching tooth for a while.

Lorraine said...

I think you should always always write at night, I'm inspired...does your dentist do Housecalls that involves travelling in a plane? sorry I'm high on some drug...toothache, you know ;)

Muum said...

I love loopy blog entries, but that's just me!
I haven't been to H Potter yet, but WARning! Will Robinson!!! warning! it is 2 1/2 hours LONG, and there ARE scary parts (according to my adult kids) they know I am a big baby about scary movies. I recommend lots more chocolate!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

If you can get Grandson to go see Julie/Julia - that would be even better, no?

Glad to hear that the tooth is now taken care of!