Friday, August 14, 2009


Tonight Shan and Gilmore Girl came in from Mongolia and Outer Mongolia to get a J-Dawg and hang out on the lawn swings for a while. But the weather had different ideas--rain by the buckets full. We ended up at Heaps, which certainly isn't any hardship.
My life won't be worth a plug nickle when they see this picture.

At one point they talked about shoes. Did you know there are eight minute shoes? Those are shoes you can wear for eight minutes without pain. Hour long shoes? Those you can give a Relief Society lesson in--Shan wears these on the 2nd Sunday of the month when it's her turn to give the lesson.. All day pumps. But, obviously, according to Shan, they are comfy but not up to much in the style department. Gilmore Girl had toe surgery just so she could wear a certain pair of shoes! They have bought shoes that they can't even wear because they love them so much.

That makes my Clark's hide in shame. Comfy, comfy shame. No photo of the Clark's as they are shy and the above are not. I don't want them to be intimidated.


Lorraine said...

wow they are classy looking aren't they oh and the shoes too ;)...anything higher than flats triops me lol laugh 'cause it's true lol

hillary said...

Too bad the bum toe is still bum. Or I would need most of those shoes.

Anyhow, you should buy all those shoes for me, except for the high heeled flip flop indian numbers. I'm a little bit afraid of those ones.

Karen Deborah said...

Looks like PAIN to me. I have always wondered if women who can walk in those have any feelings in their feet. Really, how do they do it? I would fall on my butt and need a rescue!
All my shoe are in the 14 hour a day category. Like yours they can hide in the same closet. My favorite is flip flops.

But your revenge is perfectly evidenced in that attractive photo that I would kill you over; well at least give you a big slap. Girl they are gonna be all over your behind for posting that!!!
A plug nickel? how bout 2 cents?

Shan said...

Thanks for letting me come to your house and educate you in the ways of cute shoes. I would be sad about the no swing business, only that just means I have to come another day for the swings. Darn it all. I'll sacrifice, however...

Jessica said...

You guys are party animals. And also shoe animals. I'm not even a shoe fanatic (I don't have the time with all my other crazy obsessions), but I'm pretty sure I need a few of the ones you posted. They are lovely.

Marsha said...

Oh, man. I guess the Sketchers I've had for 9 months now would be somewhat appalling in footwear, eh? LOL.

tearese said...

I never wear shoes that aren't comfortable. Hence my favorite styles tend to fall in the sneakers catagory, and I've never owned high heels! Of course, being 5'9" makes that no huge problem.
I wish it rained here!

Michael Rawluk said...

When I get a pair of shoes that I like they stay with me until they are practically in piecs.

Bonnie said...

I just read your last 7 posts. I am sorry that i haven't had time to blog for quite a awhile. I am glad that you got rid of that roaring toothache and were also able to see Nurse Giggleswich and her hubby. I miss seeing them. Now that Randy is gone, I guess she feels there is no reason to visit here anymore. Since his funeral, she has not even come to this house. . . . I guess it would be very painful for her to come here and not have him here, but i miss her.

Did she ever show you the scrapbook that i gave her?

I loved all the photos of the cute shoes--shoes that my feet with bunnions can never wear.

I will have to think about my #1 passion. I used to have a lot of passions, but now I can't think of any.
Maybe it is too late to think.

I have always loved going to thickly wooded areas,
visiting new places, and doing wild and crazy things. Being with Randy was my number one passion for 8 lovely years. Everything was fun with him--even cleaning house and grocery shopping . . . . . but going to new places and doing things alone stinks, so I just stay home now.

I have always LOVED surprising people with things they don't expect--I guess that is my number one passion now because it is one of the few things that gives me any joy now. . . . and, of course, hearing from and being with children, grandchildren, and dear friends is my greatest joy.

Muum said...

8 minute shoes? that is ANYthing with a heel, for me, lol.

Astromom said...

My favorite comfy set of Sunday shoes are wearing out bad, I can't stand to part with them. I've thought of calling the company to see if they have any just like it. I "can't suffer for beauty" just too much for me. I wore heels for my wedding and my brother's wedding, I couldn't stand to be in them for more then 30 min.