Sunday, August 2, 2009


Actually, this is a pretty good analogy. Lots of people are in situations they hate don't like. Bad marriages. Poverty. Having disabled children or needing to care for elderly parents. Needing to loose weight and not being able to--I understand that one. Depression. Allergies. Poor health with all it's accompanying horrors. Migraines. The list is endless. (I'd say baldness but I think Phil looks wonderful so I think baldness is a good thing.)

Do we complain? Wish for other situations? Envy other people who we perceive have it better? Or do we get down to work and do what has to be done? I wish I could say I do the latter. But sometimes I do the first. (I've learned not to envy others because I've learned they are dealing with "stuff" that I have no idea about.)

Here's my visual aid for dealing with "whatever":

This is the front of our house. Our flowers did well this year. Our best year yet.
On the far right I had pots of flowers but as the oak trees leaves got bigger and bigger the flowers had to be moved into the sunlight.
This little handmade planter was not even planted as I knew the chances of anything blooming were slim. But, the planter had it's own idea. It sprouted a little petunia and the petunia is growing bigger every week.

But the real miracle is the two naked lady bulbs you see growing, one right next to the planter and the other, behind. I dug every single bulb earlier this year. These two bulbs are under this planter. They found their way out and are going to bloom. If that's not a positive attitude I'll eat my hat.
May we all bloom, wherever we are, whatever we are dealing with. The bloom doesn't have to be spactular. Just a little sign that life is okay. Even though it's not.

An eight year old girl I'll call Mary--because that's her name--summed it up nicely today as she bore her testimony. She said her daddy told her, "Jesus will make everything all right in the end."

And he will. He's promised.


Lorraine said...

What a wonderful, charming, full of hope post, love this, needed this thank you sweetie x

Colette Amelia said...

Wonderful! so true and it is also true that you are marvelous!

Annette said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful thoughts. Thank you!

Shawn said...

Amazing post!! Loved it! You are always so great at pointing out so many things that the rest of the world manages to miss...

thanks for that.

hillary said...

I think Dad is a cute baldy too. Plus also, Max is pretty handsome.

You are full of good thoughts. How did you lesson go?



Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I love this post.