Friday, August 7, 2009


Nurse Giggleswich and Lord Bumhampton are here. Tomorrow they are going on the U.L.C.E.R (Utah Lake Century Epic Ride) bike ride. It's one hundred and eleven miles. Oh my.

Our living room is full of bikes, bike equipment and dogs.

L.B. said, "Oh, you know what we forgot? Under the saddle bike bags."

N.G. said, "No we didn't. I brought them." And then she paused and in a quiet voice she said, "Because I'm a woman."

That just about says it all.


Lorraine said...

I love learning about people's lifestyle and all, very interesting post even if I have no idea what you're saying lol

Michael Rawluk said...

One hundred and eleven? Miles? Whew.

DeNae said...

Hi, Lynne! I've never been here before, but I love your blog! That picture at the top is so gorgeous, and I'm enjoying reading these little written snapshots of who you are!

Thank you for your extra kind words over at my place. You always have something uplifting to say, and particularly after your last comment I figured it was high time I thanked you for it.

So, thanks, my bloggy friend! And thanks for visiting me so regularly. You help keep the party going!

hillary said...

Under the saddle bike bags? Arn't the saddle bags the fatty hip parts on women? I'm confused too.

But she did remember because she is a woman.

so there.

Tierney said...

ha, ha. Hilly makes me laugh. I guess Jason's my "woman" because he always packs for us and does a darn good job. Usually, except for the time he only brought me one pair of underwear for a week...

N7GMT said...

L. O. L.

NG rocks! I'm so glad she joined our little party.

Thanks for posting fun bits of life, Mom. I should emulate you here, too. Oh well, maybe later when I have some {snicker} spare time.