Saturday, August 8, 2009


When someone does a stupid thing or an absentminded one, people say, "Way to go, Einstein!" I keep having these Einstein moments.
We went to dinner tonight at my son and daughter-in-laws house. Wonderful food. Kung Pao chicken with rice, salad with Caesar dressing, a wonderful bean salad, and carrot cake, that only had like a million calories. I will post the recipes on my cookbook site when he sends them. But there will be no accompanying pictures, because I left my camera home.

While we were there our daughter-in-law--who went on that hundred and eleven mile bike ride today--did some yoga to work out the stiffness. She's like a rubber doll, so help me she is. It was beautiful to watch her stretch and amazing how flexible she is. Pictures? No, because I left my camera home.

While we were there my other son and daughter-in-law--who also rode the hundred and eleven mile bike ride--came. Tired but exhilarated. Did I get a picture? No, know the rest.

Way to go, Einstein. It seems I never learn.

Are there things you never learn? Please tell me what so I won't feel so alone, like Einstein, on a wobbly bike while the rest of the world whizzes by on Titanium.


Lorraine said...

That my dear Lynne is something I never leave behind, if it's any comfort, I can write, I can take photos, as for the rest of human activities

Astromom said...

I never learn to shut the cupboard doors immediately and bonk my head. I never learn to always, always put my keys in the right place so I can find them again. I never learn to get as organized as I need to be so I feel completely prepared each day. I have learned to automatically always check back every time I've sat down somewhere, because I've left things so many times. I'm learning but it seems to that there are things I'll never learn.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i am right there with you!

Michael Rawluk said...

I always forget how stressful directing a play is until I do the next one. Every play is the last one I will ever do.

Annette said...

I can't even begin to list the things I never learn! Believe me, you are not alone.

But I know one thing you learned very, very well. How to serve beautifully, lovingly, and compassionately in the Relief Society presidency. You have blessed all our lives. I will miss your wit and wisdom. Thank you!

Tierney said...

Isn't that a bad feeling, when you've left your camera behind and there's really good stuff going on that you want to blog about?

Muum said...

oh, I do less than Einstein-ian things all the time. ONe of my kids plans to name THEIR child 'Einstein' so they can say, when the child goofs up, "Nice going, Einstein!" I hope they are just kidding .. (it's always 'self-esteem' day around here)