Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have nothing to say so I'm going to bed.

My bed, with the yummy topper.

And my four pillows. I tried sleeping with three but four is the right number because two of them end up on the floor. Why don't I sleep with just two then? Because four is the right number.

I've already brushed my teeth and cleaned my face and put on the lavender lotion that my daughter-in-law makes. It smells so clean and go-to-sleepish.

'll open the window to the cool night air. And turn the fan on, mostly for the "white noise." Maybe the garbage trucks won't wake me in the morning.

I'll say my prayers--like a good girl--and read my scriptures and write the short note I'm promised to write in a journal. It won't be very witty or wise because I have nothing to say.

I'll listen to the crickets. I hope that evil cricket-eating insect doesn't come back this year to clean the oak trees out. I know he needs dinner too, but I want him to dine somewhere else. Far away.

And then I'll snuggle down and go to sleep. Lovely, quiet sleep. How I love it.

So, until tomorrow, when brilliance visits me, I'll say good night.

And if brilliance doesn't visit me, I will have nothing to say.

Sweet dreams.


Marsha said...

Racoons are a potential suspect for having cleaned out your crickets last year.

Colette Amelia said...

Wow no wonder you don't get much sleep that bedtime regime must take hours! Last night I was so tired or lazy I didn't wash or brush and then I was awake at 4:00 AM so I did then and I still have nothing to say.

TeamGornold said...

you sure said a lot for having nothing to say. we miss you already! hope you are doing okay and i hope that your toothache woes are over!
love ya.

Lorraine said...

No worries Lynne, you could just pop in and say hey guys and gals I've got nothing, and we'd like comments anyway...x

Karen Deborah said...

Well, for nothing to say you did pretty good. You make going to sleep
sound really good.

Astromom said...

I like your bedtime routine, it sounds very pleasant and more productive then mine. I'll have to do that more often, the lavender lotion sounds really nice too. Remember just writing in this blog is a great journal too.