Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When Curly Sue--aka Elasta Girl--saw Butterfly's "day out with Grandma" she decided that is what she wanted for her birthday too. She and Butterfly and Mary Poppins were born seven weeks apart--three little granddaughters who have all turned nine years old.

Here she is, in front of the Clown Car. Isn't she cute?
She has freckles, just like her mother did at age nine.
I gave Curly Sue the camera, just like I had done with Butterfly, and let her take pictures. She started out with some that weren't really great.

The horse barn and water droplets on the window. She liked these trees.
Not sure what her idea was with this shot.

Another barn. We buy apples here.
I taught her how to use the telephoto lens. Her photo taking skills are improving.
It was a c-o-l-d day.
She took lots of photos of sky's.

Yes, she still has the telephoto lens on. Good grief,
A "octopus arm" tree.
Provo City Library.
Downtown Provo is busy with construction. Look at the mountain in the background. Good shot, Curly Sue.
This has always puzzled me. A tiny set of apartments with HUGE trees in front.

More trees.
More construction.

We were going to Ottavios for Italian food. This is how they keep the birds off their lights and window sills. I wouldn't have even noticed it but Curly Sue did.
Almost there.
The doors were locked. A notice said, "Open at 4:00." It was noon.
Curly Sue was not pleased.
So we walked up the street to Gloria's Little Italy.
She took this picture of ornamental grass on the courthouse lawn across the street.
This door better be open.
It was. She was happy. She ordered bow ties with pesto. She LOVES pinenuts and wants to eat them every day.
A nice gentleman took out photo.
Stir your Italian soda slowly, our waiter said, it has a tendency to explode.
Curly Sue stirred. Slowly.
So slowly she almost went to sleep. She told me it was dee-licious,
Because it was her birthday she got a free gelato. She chose coconut.Oh, it was so good!

Next time she is going to choose hazelnut.
We're not sure what this decoration was but Curly Sue took a picture of it anyway.
Other desserts that she took photos of.

When we left it was still cold.

We found this next to the car. It took her about five pictures to get one in focus.
Okay, Grandma, lets go to the movies.
Coraline. "Some doors should never be opened," the movie poster said. it was scary, I thought but Curly Sue grew up watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and so it didn't scare her at all.
Another poster says, "Oh my gosh," but in the movie--twice that I noticed--they don't say "Oh my gosh," they say the real thing and I was not pleased. What is the matter with Hollywood? I'll bet 98% of parents in America didn't like that part. The other 2% are deaf. Another part had an old lady wearing hardly any clothes, a few sequins. Really! I was peeved and ashamed of what we present to the world. Can't our cartoon movies be totally clean?
Here is Curly Sue with her 3-D glasses. She's so thin the seat kept folding up on her.
After the movie she wanted to go to Robert's, which is a craft store. She loves jewlery. We talked a lot about what she wants to do when she grows up. Maybe a fashion designer but NOT someone who sews the clothes, just picks out the fabric.They have silly flowers at Robert's.We talked to Gilmore Girl to see if she was still in town and could meet us so I wouldn't have to drive to Outer Mongolia to take her home.
Gilmore Girl was still in town and so she and Tuesday met us at Robert's.
It was a good day for me, and for Curly Sue, too. We decided we should go to Italy together and eat gelato every day.
Happy Birthday Curly Sue and thanks for being such a nice girl. I love you very much.


Colette Amelia said...

what a great day! What a great post! what a great little girl! I love taking photos of sky, I love coconut! She has a great talent with the camera...great lessons grandma!

Oh my! Did you see all the exclamation points!

JJ said...

What a great day out by the looks she seems to have fun taking shots

Pam's Place said...

The fun you two had together was captured in these photos. You got some absolutely darling pictures of this beautiful (inside and out) girl. And I LOVE the one she took of you beaming.

Michael Rawluk said...

Another beautiful birthday girl.

hillary said...

She did have fun. That's what I want for my birthday too.......and presents.

Insightful Nana said...

What a wonderful day. Not only for Curly Sue.. but for you.

Isn't being a Grandma ... or in my case a Nana... just the best.

I love the "one on ones" I have with my grands. I'm much more involved with my grands than my mom and dad were with their grandchildren.

I find that to be more and more the case these days.. Grandparents seem to be very involved with their grands. Which... is great. I think parents need all the support they can get these days.

Annette said...

What wonderful memories you are making. Those beautiful little girls will always hold you dear to their hearts.

Shawn said...

Oh, I did love this post---she is such a cutie! Love the curls and her necklace---adorable!

Such a fun thing for you to be able to do with your grandkids---they must adore you!

Tierney said...

I love this! All the photos of me lovely Mads. It looks like the most wonderful day. Seriously. I want to spend my b-day with you if I am in Utah. B-days with Lynne look very terribly wonderfully fun. And again, I love all the pictures of that lovely girl and the trees and the mountains and downtown.