Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Where do you go to hang out, to have some peace, some space, some alone time? Do you go onto the roof?
This youngster has the best view. He can bark at whatever he wants and knows he is safe. He even naps up here.
Where do you go? I go to the computer but the TV is on and I am--right now--listening to George, complaining about something. Seinfeld is saying, "What kind of sick person does something like that?" I don't know, Seinfeld, I just want some peace and quiet so I can write. Try to write. Okay, I want to think about writing.

The bathroom used to be a sanctuary. Every mother in the history of the world has locked herself in the bathroom. At my house, my middle child would waggle her fingers under the door and say, "Can you see my fingers, Momma?" If I ignored her she laid with her ear fused to the floor and said, "I can see your feet." If I lifted my feet off the floor she panicked and I had to put them back so she didn't think I was sucked up by the bathroom fan. Or maybe an extraterrestrial. Maybe that's why she hates Sci-Fi, my sweet happy middle child.

And yes, I could ALWAYS see her fingers. The question is, can she see her children's fingers and can they see her feet? And does it drive her crazy?

I thought so. There is justice.


Michael Rawluk said...

I have photos of my wee little nephew trying to peek under the door at Kim. Very cute.

Michael skorulski said...

I enjoy a good roof too. BTW, the tree in my cone image is a European Alder.

Annette said...

My, how life changes. I remember those days of wishing I could just have a little time alone. But even still, my favorite place is not on the roof but in my own bed, with covers pulled up, a good book, and some chocolate!

hillary said...

In the middle child's defense, she thought her mother would like some company during her lonely bathroom time. How was I ( I mean "she") suppose to know that her mother was on her last nerve and the child was annoying and the mom was probably trying to escape the middle child for just a moment, in the first place? How?

Now she knows better, and is sorry, but only a little, for the finger waggle.

Anonymous said...

So that's where the dog ran off to!

People wonder why there is no peace on earth.

I found you while googling 'drying tomatoes.' I was able to get some at our local farmer's market and now I have to dry them.

Tierney said...

I can so relate. The bathroom is not too much of a santuary with someone banging and demanding your presence on the other side. At least if they're under one they can come in and sit on your lap. Yes, that has happened at the Zan house. More than once.

tearese said...

joshie likes to stuff things under the door. Or knock on it incessantly. Or try to fit his whole arm under.

Pam's Place said...

I have this theory: if you misplace a child, there are two ways to find him (that is, if you WANT to find him). First is, as you have so delightfully described here, is to quietly go into the bathroom for some "alone time". If the child does not miraculously appear, pick up the telephone to make an important phone call. No matter where the child was, he will find you.

Shawn said...

The other way to always have a child find you is to get on the phone.

They always start asking you questions as SOON as you get on the phone.

I am all for the time-out in the bathroom, though----that trick saved my life with my second child---the screamer!