Friday, February 6, 2009


See this mailbox? It belongs to an empty lot.This is a new subdivision going in and maybe the person who owns the empty lot feels the need to get advance mail. This is going to be his neighbor. Not too shabby. So I figure the person who owns the empty lot is going to build a not-too-shabby house too.
So, if you feel the need to communicate with the person who owns this empty lot and his future not-too-shabby house you can, 'cause he has a mailbox.
By the way, this morning my email address were restored. My bookmarks were back. My documents and photos are back...HOORAY!. BUT the four emails I wrote--did I write more than four, it seems I did-- are gone and I think they went into cyber space because they are not in my sent file.

, I commented on the cuteness of your son. I don't think Justin reads my blog so he will never know.

, I wrote you a long email which I cannot now recall one word of. It must not have been really important--just like ALL my emails to you.

JoAnne, I finally answered your email. It had questions about you new grandchild and about NieNie --this isn't actually the link to her blog but to her sister's blog who says, "People calm down, we will restore Nie Dialogues as soon as we can. " And I wrote other chatty stuff and I KNOW I said we should do lunch next week to celebrate your birthday OVER TWO MONTHS AGO. Now everyone knows what a total slacker I am. And they know you don't blog either and you should repent.

, I wrote a brilliantly funny email to you. Probably. There is a slight chance that it might have been whiny and depressing but since it went into cyberspace I'm saying it as brilliant and funny.

I probably am not going to rewrite those emails because I have a writing class in the morning that I'm not prepared for so I must go get busy now!


Camille said...

So does this mean you are a NieNie blog stalker too? Do you know the family or do you just read the blog? I would love to chat NieNie with someone. The pilot who died in the crash was in our stake and has a daughter in our ward. I actually visting teach her and have been following the story ever since. Amazing.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

CAmille, NieNie's brother, Chris, is in our ward so I corner he and his wife in the fowyer at church and after I say, "Chris, you should blog more often," ( I always ask how his sister and brother-in-law are doing. The Nelson's have moved into a friend's daughter's ward so I have two people who give me updates. I think they are wonderful, brave people.

You should add a "follower" feature to your blog so I know when you've posted.

Tierney said...

I am going to go stomping through cyberspace to find my mail from Lynne! I just wrote you an e-mail cause i love you, but it was boring. That's why I haven't blogged this week, cause we're being boring. But we plan to spice it up this weekend and take some pictures. Plus I get sad because I want more comments on my blog. Not from you; you are the best, as is your daughter.

okay, still love you and talk to you soon!

hillary said...

Did your email to me get lost in cyber space too, and you just forgot to write to me on you blog?

I'm sure you did.


Shawn said...

I feel sorry for that lone mail box....

Michael Rawluk said...

Maybe, with the world economy, the lot will remain empty except for the tent that he as to occupy.