Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Photo taken from a car going 75 miles an hour. No, I wasn't driving.


Colette Amelia said...

75 miles an hour! wow! in the snowy winter?

Here we have left behind miles and now clock our speed by 75 miles an hour is like almost 121 kilometers per hour and that would mean you were speeding and could get a speeding ticket and fine. The speed limit is 100 kilometers per hour on the highway and you can usually get away with going about 109 safely (without a ticket)

I am now a graduate of the restorative Justice course and so if you break the law just call on me!

Pam's Place said...

Did whoever was driving 75 mph tell you to hold on and be quiet? Why were you going 75 mph? Did you close your eyes and clench your teeth?

hillary said...

A picture of the word "POST" does not a post make.

Don't say something smart about people who don't post should not critisize. Or maybe that word should be spelled different.

Shan said...

Tell Hillarie that it should be spelled differently. Criticize. I can't help my English teaching self. Plus, also, just incase she reads this comment, she should also know that I love her very guts even if she can't spell.

Shawn said...

Congratulations on coming up with short post ideas!

You, you, you are the cleverest woman that I know!!!!!!!!

I am home now and will miss seeing you---it was so fun to hang with you a few times while I was there---you are sooooooo fun and a wonderful, talented woman!

tearese said...

People realize that IS the speed limit in this state, right?
I'm glad you weren't driving.

Michael Rawluk said...

Excellent Post. That is all I have tosay.