Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On Monday night we had dinner with some of our grandkids. Our son and daughter-in-law cooked--that makes it even better. Corned beef and cabbage, something I don't cook--it was delicious.

After dinner we had Family Home Evening with the kids. First we had a lesson on
Joseph Smith's first vision and then we played "Greed" and then had sherbet for our treat. Greed is our new favorite game and Joe Cool had the high score. We don't know if it's his fur hat--which he has worn all winter, indoors and out--or if it's where he sat at the table--that spot was lucky for him last week too--or if it was just plain luck.
She started out with a low score but made up for it at the end. This photo was obviously after a successful roll of the dice.

Yup, I'm the winner!

This scooping of the sherbet is serious business!


...very serious!

And eating is serious too.

Well, not too serious.

We are so lucky to have such great grandkids. They are good sports, we laugh a lot, we learn things and enjoy them. I even get to tell the girls a story when they are all tucked in bed. What could be better than that?


Tierney said...

Yay! I am first. I caught the excitement over that from your daughter. It looks like a fun family home evening, and your grandchildren are darling. I love the fur hat and the satisfied look after the successful dice roll. I think the cutest picture is Phil eating his sherbet.

Colette Amelia said...

That sounds too good...I am coming down for a visit and tell Joe Cool I am gonna wear my fur hat!

sherbert sounds like just the thing a sore throat needs.

Michael Rawluk said...

You are a lucky young lady with a gaggle of grandkids.

hillary said...

What could be better is telling ME a story and tucking ME in bed. They are so lucky to live 8 minutes from you two.

TeamGornold said...

say what you wanna say about games but my favorite will always be catch phrase, and i LOVE the memory of the four of us staying up until three AM and every 20 minutes, Phil saying, "oh man, I gotta go to bed".
that was the best night, i miss you both so dang much!!! love ya!

Shawn said...

Love, love, love grandkids!

But I want MORE!!